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7 Best YouTube Engagement Calculators You Should Try

Guest Article by Olu Bunmi

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google and second largest social network after Facebook.

With over 1.9 billion monthly active users and counting, it is a tremendous source of business exposure. This is because YouTube videos influence how high you rank in search engines and are great for your overall marketing strategy.

If you currently own a YouTube channel, then you probably invest time, effort, and creativity into videos for your YouTube channel. But in order to make the most of YouTube as a platform to engage your customers, you can mine YouTube engagement analytics using YouTube engagement calculators for insights to improve the performance of your videos to increase its engagement and grow your brand effectively.

In this article, we’ll be looking at what YouTube engagement is, the key YouTube engagement metrics to watch and finally, some of the best YouTube engagement calculators to try.

What is YouTube Engagement?

YouTube engagement is the interaction between your audience or customers and your YouTube channel or videos.

Considering that 90% of 18-44 year olds access YouTube, these metrics can help you better serve relevant content to your target demographic.

YouTube engagement metrics are measured by:

  • The number of views
  • Public shares
  • Likes and comments on your channel’s videos.

Other YouTube engagement actions include:

  • Channel subscriptions
  • Profile clicks
  • In-video link clicks
  • End-slate link clicks
  • Channel page link clicks
  • Link clicks in video descriptions

An analysis of these metrics using a YouTube engagement calculator helps you optimize your video content to engage better with your audience and rank higher in search results.

Key YouTube Engagement Metrics to Watch


This metric shows the number of comments on your videos. It paints a clear picture of your video’s connection with or emotional effect on viewers.This metric can be used for both its quantitative and qualitative value.

 Likes vs. Dislikes

These metrics show the number of like’s vs dislikes on your videos. This can help you determine what video types or subjects click best with your audience. 


This metric shows the number of times your video has been shared using the share button. It gauges how much viewers value and trust your content and brand.

Shares also indicate which of your videos is the most “viral”, and YouTube also allows you to see which platforms your videos are being shared on, which can help you make decisions about which platforms might be best for you to spend your time cross-promoting your videos on.


This shows the number of times people added your video to their “Favorites”. This is a measure of the quality of your content.


This is the number of YouTube accounts that have subscribed to your channel.

The above metrics are used in measuring the performance of your YouTube videos and the level of engagement they generate.

Below, are the best YouTube engagement calculators that can be used to measure and analyze your key YouTube metrics.

7 Best YouTube Engagement Calculators to Try

  • GeekSmash: Measures YouTube engagement rate and average views.
  • Phlanx: Measures YouTube engagement rate and ensures your audience is staying engaged.
  • YouTube Money Calculator: Allows you to easily calculate the estimated earnings from Your YouTube video or channel and is based on your video view count, engagement and other factors.
  • Octoboard: Sorts post by time of creation, with the most recent videos at the top and calculates its Engagement value.
  • YouTube Analytics: This gives your video’s stats deeper amounts of analysis and helps you see where your videos are succeeding or failing. Their engagements report tells you your videos feedback numbers. 
  • SocialBlade YouTube Calculator: Allows you to view your daily YouTube analytics, track progress charts, view future predictions, related channels, and track real-time live subscription counts.
  • Quintly: is a social media analytics tool that offers an organized library of YouTube Analytics with a convenient dashboard to track views, subscribers, and engagements.

Features of the 7 Best YouTube Engagement Calculators

Best YouTube Engagement Calculators



  • Send unlimited number of reports.
  • Add your business branding to all reports and dashboards.
  • Allows you to give your staff their own login and decide what data they can see.
  • Add any dashboard or report to any page on your website.
  • Modify ready-made templates from 200+ predefined reports or create your own reports.
  • Add free SEO results to your dashboard and reports.
  • 50+ integrations of SEO, PPC, email marketing, reviews and others.
  • Use Google sheets integration to show your data.
  • Everything is unlimited (dashboard, reports, invited users etc.)
  • Varied premium monthly and yearly payment terms for freelancers, teams and agencies.
  • Free 14-day trial with free add-ons.



  • Basic, premium and business monthly and yearly billing with three months free trial for yearly billing.
  • Free trials for monthly billing.

YouTube Money Calculator


  • Estimates the revenue in accordance with your video views.
  • Calculates the value of your channel.
  • Calculates the CPM (Cost per Mille) and revenue of your channel.
  • Cost: N/A.



  • Determines your YouTube engagement rate (likes and comments compared to views) and average views per video.         
  •  Estimates a cost for a sponsored, integrated, or dedicated to the sponsorship.
  • Cost: N/A.

SocialBlade YouTube Calculator


  • Aggregated scores available for subscriber count and views.
  • SocialBlade Rank provided out of all aggregated statistics and analytics.
  • Provides the number of subscribers, views, and estimated earnings for each of a YouTuber’s most recent videos.
  • Graphs of subscriber tendencies and views tendencies are available.
  • YouTuber’s other social media profiles are also available for viewing (Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, and Dailymotion.
  • Cost: N/A

YouTube Analytics


  • Cost: N/A



  • Connect deep insights.
  • Code your own metrics.
  •  Create unlimited dashboards.
  • Automated reports.
  •  Quick metric exports.
  • Share interactive dashboards.
  •  All formats (PDF, JPG, PPT, etc.).
  • Easy to arrange dashboards.
  • Change chart types.
  •  Use your brand colours.
  • Add notes to reports.

Cost: Depends on your custom plan, but pricing starts at $300/month and every plan includes a free trial.


YouTube is a great channel to build an audience for your business and engage with them. Try out any of the best YouTube engagement calculators above to gain valuable new insights about your video’s performance and engagement with your audience and use the insights gathered to create better videos for your YouTube channel’s success.

Author Bio

Olu Bunmi is a freelance writer who loves to write business,ecommerce, entrepreneurship and social media content.