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Android Pay Ads American Express in Canada, Samsung Pay adds PayPal

American Express (NYSE: AXP) is now supporting Android Pay in Canada.

That means Canadian customers can now use their Amex balances to pay via Android, TechCrunch reported. That means all the major credit card brands in Canada now support Android Pay. Although some major banks including TD and Royal Bank of Canada sill do not.

PayPal supports Samsung Pay

Android Pay is not the only digital wallet adding new payment options. PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) now supports Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay will now work with PayPal’s Braintree merchant system, TechCrunch reported. It also puts pressure on Apple to add PayPal to Apple Pay. PayPal supports Android Pay but not Apple’s mobile solution yet.

This will enable users to access PayPal balances through Samsung Pay, and promote usage of the App. Only US users will be able to access PayPal right now, Samsung has not said when PayPal will be available through its digital wallet outside the United States.

Starling Bank Adds Apple Pay

Britain’s digital only Starling Bank is now supporting Apple Pay in the UK, TechCrunch reported. Starling customers will be able to pay with their balances through a MasterCard debit card.

Interestingly enough Starling customers will be able to use Apple Pay to make MasterCard payments before they get their plastic MasterCard in the mail. TechCrunch did not say whether Starling Bank will support Android Pay.

Supporting Apple Pay is a way for Starling to distinguish itself from well-established brick and mortar competitors. It also helps attract younger customers that are more likely to use payment apps. Britain’s banking system is far more centralized and less competitive than that in the US making it easier to add new payment solutions like Apple Pay.

Major French Banks say No to Apple Pay

France’s major banks are refusing to support Apple Pay, TechCrunch reported. Only two French banks; Caisse d’Épargne/Banque Populaire (it’s the same company) and Carrefour Banque, currently support Apple Pay. That’s bad because France is the only major Eurozone nation where Apple Pay is available.

Lydia a Venmo-type payment app popular in France is supporting Apple Pay. Lydia also offers plastic cards; which shows you how conservative and resistant to new technology the French are.

A German digital bank called N26 is also supporting Apple Pay but only in France. The App is not yet available in the Federal Republic. This means Apple Pay’s acceptance in Europe is slower and widespread adoption might be impossible.

Apple still has a lot of work to do in the payments sphere especially in Europe.

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