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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. Friedrich Nietzsche

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Frightening Video shows America Collapsing

A frightening video shows just how close to collapse, an increasingly fragmenting America is.

The video shows an ordinary suburban American street turned into a war zone. The Activism Uncensored News2Share video shows well-organized and well-armed forces of right-wing Proud Boys and left-wing Antifa skirmishing in the streets of Portland, Oregon, on 22 August 2021.

The video shows the mainstream media’s narrative that what is happening in Portland is protests is false. Similarly, the claims that the fighters are harmless larpers or cosplayers are nonsense.

The fighters are armed, organized and well-prepared. Both sides wear uniforms, and most of them have body armor. Many of the stormtroopers carry home made shields.

Frighteningly, these people are trying to hurt each other. The Antifa fighters toss powerful fireworks and spray mace. The Proud Boys fire paint guns and look like they are practicing for war. Some of them wear camouflage and helmets.

Some frightening insights from the video include:

The Police Refuse to Intervene

Not a single police officer appears in the video or tries to interview in the violence. Even when the fighters attack innocent and unarmed people.

I suppose the police stayed away because the entire Portland police crowd-control unit (riot squad) quit in June 2021. The Washington Post reports the riot squad quit because prosecutors charged one of its members with a misdemeanor.

No police officer will protect citizens from violent thugs. This represents a total breakdown of law and order in an American city.

Thugs attack bystanders

The most frightening aspect of the video is vicious attacks on unarmed bystanders.

First, Antifa fighters who resemble fascist stormstroopers knock News2Share reporter Maranie Staab down. In addition, Staab alleges a Proud Boy sprayed her with WD40. Latter Staab was insulted, sprayed with mace, and knocked down by Antifa members, who smashed her phone and camera.

In the video, one Antifa member calls Staab a “kutta.” TK News’ Matt Taibbi describes kutta as a Hindu word for dog or slut. Disturbingly, the attacker recognized Staab from an online video and singled her out for abuse. Both right-wing and leftist thugs attacked a journalist on the streets of an American city for doing her job.

In another segment, Proud Boys surround a truck driven by an Antifa sympathizer. The attackers smash up the van and fire paintball guns into at the driver. The driver’s crime he tried to deliver water to Antifa. Proud Boys also fire paintball guns at a protester carrying a picket sign.

The most frightening part of the video involves an evangelical street preacher with a Jesus banner. When the preacher yells that shooting is wrong and Unchristian. Proud Boys fire paintballs at him and scream “you shoot terrorists.” The Proud Boys call the man a fool for saying shooting people is wrong and preaching the word of Christ.

Armed Paramilitary thugs terrorize American city

The people in these videos are not protesters. They are armed paramilitary thugs with serious weaponry.

Besides homemade shields, many of the Proud Boys carry nasty looking clubs and spears. Others fire paintball guns that look like military rifles.

Similarly, the Antifa stormtroopers wear uniforms and helmets. Many of the Antifa members toss large firecrackers. I suppose they are M-80s or cherry bombs. The firecracker explosions in the video appear powerful enough to hurt somebody.

Strangely, Antifa, the self-proclaimed antifacists, look more fascist than the Proud Boys. The Antifa troopers seem to wear identical paramilitary uniforms while Proud Boys seem to personalize their uniforms. I suspect this is because many Antifa are Communists and most Proud Boys are anarchists.

These thugs are vicious, and they want to hurt people. The Proud Boys who turn over a van resemble a lynch mob. These thugs are a threat to ordinary people.

Our Police are Unprepared

I think the Portland video is even more frightening than the images from 6 January attack on the US Capitol. These fighters are far better armed and organized than the Capitol Mob and they want to hurt people and destroy property.

Both sides are violent, militaristic, and show no concern for human life or individual rights. Worse, these people are well-armed, well-organized, and dedicated to violence. I do not think most American police forces can deal with this kind of paramilitary violence.

I predict we will see more scenes such as the Capitol Riot, as paramilitary thugs overwhelm or chase away unprepared, poorly equipped, and poorly organized police. Remember, mobs overran police stations in Minneapolis and Seattle during last year’s George Floyd riots.

My prediction is that we will see frightened authorities calling the military to restore order. I also predict we will see fighting between these violent paramilitaries and the US Military.

Ultimately, I think America will need to form paramilitary police forces such as the French Gendarmerie Mobile and Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité (CRS). Such units will not be popular, but we cannot allow violent thugs to takeover the streets and terrorize our citizens.

Rehearsal for Civil War

Some people will wonder if the chaos in Portland is a dress rehearsal for civil war. Antifa and the Proud Boys dress as soldiers and are using infantry tactics on each other.

When I saw the video, the history buff in me thought Berlin 1928. Disturbingly, ordinary people in the video try to ignore the violence as 1920s Germans ignored the street fighting between Nazis and Communists. It also resembles the political violence that regularly plagues France’s streets.

The Portland Video also shows the importance of journalists willing to report street level news and local media. The video publicizes an important story the national media wants to bury and ignore in favor of the Afghanistan debacle.

The video also shows that the official narrative of the Portland events as harmless cosplay is nonsense. Instead, it reveals deliberate violence, organized paramilitary forces, the dereliction of duty by police and other authorities, and vicious attacks on ordinary people by paramilitary thugs on the streets of an American city.

Hopefully, this violence will not escalate, but I think it will. Notably, Oregon Live reports that shots were fired at another Portland rally on 22 August. Police allege a man opened fire on a rival group after somebody called another fighter a name.

Americans need to be afraid, because organized paramilitary violence is occurring on US soil. Hopefully, this violence will not spread to other American cities, but I think it will.

Cudos to Matt Taibbi, TK News, and News2Share foe exposing this violence. Hopefully, the national media will notice what’s happening in Portland and cover it. Americans need to know what is happening in that city before this chaos spreads and people get killed.