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BitMinutes Pre-ICO Price Jumps another $0.002 This Monday

By Daniel Jennings

BitMinutes’ BMT, a smart token designed to facilitate guaranteed lending, money transfers, and the marketing of prepaid minutes for phones will experience a slight price increase on April 9, 2018.

The price of BitMinutes (BMT) is scheduled to increase by two-tenths of a cent this Monday, April 9, 2018, to $0.015. Purchases made prior to Monday through the BitMinutes website will get the current $0.013 price.

BitMinutes is now past the halfway point in its Pre-ICO period, with the full initial cryptocurrency offering (ICO) scheduled for April 30. The Pre-ICO price has been rising weekly each Monday.

BitMinutes Seeks Approval to Operate in European Country

“We are in the process of obtaining approval from the Financial Monetary Authority of Lichtenstein, adding European connections to our network,” BitMinutes CEO Tom Meredith revealed.

The principality of Lichtenstein is located between Switzerland and Austria. Lichtenstein is not a member of the European Union (EU) but cooperates closely with the EU through the European Economic Area. Lichtenstein uses the Swiss Franc as its national currency.

Meredith believes that the additional regulatory supervision provided by the Authority will make BitMinutes a better cryptocurrency. Such regulation will make it easier for BitMinutes to offer financial services.

“As cryptocurrencies get increasing scrutiny from regulators, people are taking a greater interest in buying BitMinutes,” Meredith observed. “Cryptocurrencies that bear up under close examination must have a solid business plan behind them, ready to implement.”

BitMinutes has a business plan that includes a peer to peer (P2P) cash transaction engine, payout channels, smart tokens, and plans to connect with the RTGS Bank Network, SWIFT, MasterCard, Ripple (XRP), and TAN Agent. BitMinutes is already licensed by the federal government and states in the United States and its platform is operating on the globally scalable Amazon Cloud operated by Amazon Web Services right now.

Building affordable financial services delivery systems

“Our strategic focus is therefore becoming more attractive,” Meredith said. “Even more, we have traction. We have built a communication channel between the Southeast U.S. and East Africa founded on the BitMinutes technology.

“We are building affordable financial services delivery systems using all the latest FinTech innovations,” Meredith revealed. “These are on the brink of the rollout with partners in Latin America.”

“These will both lead to expanded financial inclusion to billions more people globally, as our country-by-country partnerships with local distributors and financial institutions grow,” Meredith explained. “There is a real business growing here. As we said last week, buying BitMinutes is an accessible, affordable way to participate.”

“Helping people raise themselves out of poverty simply by providing them decent access to proper banking and financial services has made a lot of sense to people as a mission,” added Meredith.

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