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Who Can Get You Your Compensation in Australia?

If you have been injured while at work, then this article might be just for you!

When injured at work, employees are entitled to a certain amount of compensation. If you think you deserve compensation, then you must go to the right law firm to get it. The reasoning behind compensation being offered to a worker after they have had a workplace accident is simple. An accident like that can affect all aspects of the worker’s life, regardless of how severe it was or not.

Good Law Advice Compensation Lawyers can help you figure out things. Sit down with them and lead through the events. They can be instrumental in helping you find out if you can make a claim. The important thing to keep in mind is that claims such as these are subject to strict time limits. Therefore, if you suspect that you are owed compensation, then don’t delay asking for legal help.

Rights to Compensation

In most cases, if you have been working for someone else, and have become injured while at work, then you can very likely claim workers compensation. Another condition under which workers are entitled to compensation is when they are being paid a wage for the work they are doing when they get injured.

Some laws might be different for different parts of Australia. Therefore, it is better to have lawyers to guide you in the matter. For instance, in New South Wales, being unable to identify your employer’s insurance does not always mean that you can’t make a claim.

Time Limits

The time limits concerning applying for workers compensation can complicate matters. From the time a workplace accident occurs, a worker has a month to report it to their employer. Then, they must ensure that they make the compensation claim within six months from the time the accident or injury occurred. The rules are the same in case of a fatal workplace injury. However, certain exceptions do exist, which is why getting advice from an expert is always a good idea.


The workers might suffer from the following types of problems:


An injury can be defined as harm to the joints, ligaments, nerves, muscles, tendons, the back, or the neck. Trauma to any kind of connective tissues, other issues, amputations, wounds, fractures, lacerations, internal organ damage, intracranial injuries, and burns also come under this category.


Diseases that belong in this category cover a wide range of disorders. That means diseases involving the both disorders of the systems of the body and mental disorders can be included. Some examples are mentioned below:

  • Anxiety
  • Respiratory system diseases
  • Depression
  • Cancer
  • Skin diseases

Your compensation lawyers will have the whole list.


Workers who are a part of the following industries are more likely to experience a workplace injury:

  • Accommodation services
  • Construction
  • Food services
  • Agriculture
  • Health services
  • Fishing and forestry
  • Community services
  • Transport
  • Manufacturing
  • Storage

Get expert help from a reputable law firm today!