Could a Basic Income protect people from Domestic Violence?

Many women stay with violent men because they lack the money to leave. Our sick society gives these women the horrible choice of “stay with the violent guy or sleep in the streets.”

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Coronavirus Shows Why America needs a Basic Income

Moreover, people will not be afraid to stay home or miss work. Instead, they will have the resources to survive.

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Teachers are not making Enough Money to Survive

Younger teachers are even more likely to work at a second job. Pew estimates 26% of teachers under 30, or more than one in four work at second jobs. Additionally, 26% of all male teachers; over one-fourth, have second jobs.

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Workers need a Basic Income because work no longer pays

Therefore, our society no longer values work or workers. In fact, there is now a long list of jobs that our market economy assigns no value to.

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Can Basic Income create a Permanent Democratic Majority?

I think the party with the brains and guts to promote a generous basic income will dominate American politics in the 21st Century. Notably, Democrats owned Congress for nearly 60 years because of generous welfare programs like Social Security and Medicare.

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Democrat Presidential Front Runner embraces Basic Income

In particular, Harris is trying to buy the votes of middle class soccer moms – who will decide the 2020 presidential election. If Harris’s proposal is successful it will dramatically change the American electorate and shift the balance of political power to the left.

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Basic Income Opportunity in Chicago

The Chicago and Stockton basic income proposals demonstrate that there is a lot of innovative social work going on in America. All sorts of people are proposing a wide variety of creative solutions for problems like poverty.

A DARPA for social services would fund innovative social programs and related work. The social work DARPA would combine charities, community groups, nonprofits, government agencies, and university researchers.

One of the social-work DARPA’s mandates would be to fund research into alternative poverty-alleviation strategies such as basic income. It would also fund the development of new technologies for benefit delivery.

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How to Pay for Basic Income

The best way to finance Basic Income in America would be an individual income tax. That would leave the corporations which generate wealth, untouched but reduce income inequality.

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Is Basic Income the Solution to Illegal Immigration?

A basic income for Central America might be cheaper than detaining and deporting illegal immigrants. It would also be cheaper than Border Security measures like President Trump’s Wall.

It U.S. taxpayers $10,854 to deport an illegal immigrant in 2016, CNN Money reported. Immigration and Customers Enforcement (ICE) spent $3.2 billion identifying, arresting, detaining, and removing illegal immigrants in 2016 – before President Trump’s crackdown.

These figures do not cover the cost of President Donald J. Trump’s (R-New York) ridiculous border wall. The official cost of the Wall has been projected at $21.6 billion but some opponents have estimated the price at $66.9 billion, Time reported. Even without the Wall, the United States has spent $263 billion on border security since 1986, The American Immigration Council estimated.

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The Moral Arguments for Basic Income

A good basic income would give people a living wage and free millions to do important work. It would affirm the value of their work, and demonstrate that money is not the only goal of work.

The worst thing about our present jobs culture is the way it undervalues people. The only values assigned to people are the job they perform, or the amount of money they make.
By basing compensation and benefits solely on “jobs” we strip individuals of their dignity.

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