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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. Friedrich Nietzsche


Expert Freelance Writer Available

The creator and operator of Market Mad House, Daniel G. Jennings; is available for freelance work that includes writing, proofreading, rewriting, ghost writing and blog posting.

Mr. Jennings is a former newspaper editor, reporter and writer; who has written thousands of blog entries for many different websites and publications. His work regularly appears at a number of websites including Market Mad House, Seeking Alpha, Off the Grid News, Geek Crunch Review and Empresa-Journal.

Jennings’ specialty is writing about stocks and the market, with a special emphasis on retail. Many examples of his market analysis and stock commentary pieces are found at Market Mad House – a website he owns and maintains. Jennings also regularly contributes pieces on stocks, companies and markets to Seeking Alpha. He has also written on a wide variety of investment-related topics including finance, taxes, annuities, insurance, retirement and commodities for a variety of different websites.

In addition to the stock analysis and blogging, Jennings writes on current events, energy, politics, law and other topics for Off the Grid News, a popular online news source aimed at the Off Grid lifestyle community. For that publication, Jennings has covered everything from the controversy over vaccination to the US Supreme Court.

Highly Experienced Freelance Writer Available

Mr. Jennings also has a number of regular clients for whom he creates feature articles, blog entries, press releases and many other documents. He has had a great deal of experience ghostwriting and creating paid content for blogs and other online publications.


Jennings is a very versatile writer who is capable of creating a wide variety of content including paid postings for blogs, articles, news articles, political commentaries, press releases and advertising copy. He is also a highly experienced blogger who has created hundreds of entries for his own blogs.

Daniel G. Jennings holds a BA in history and an MBA with an emphasis on e-business. He has been involved in blogging and a variety of ecommerce activities for many years. Unlike many writers, Jennings has had a great deal of experience with marketing and publicity including blog promotion.

Jennings is now offering a package of writing services that include professional proofreading and a fast turnaround time. He is always on the lookout for new clients, and he is willing to write sample articles for new clients.

Reasonably Priced Writing and Editing Services Available

Rates and Charges:

  • One time sample article $25 USD (500 word maximum).


  • Standard rate: 10¢ USD a word.


  • 300-500 word article flat rate: $30 USD


  • 1000 word article flat rate: $50 USD


  • 300 word or less article: $25 USD


  • Proofreading: $1 an article if it is less than 2,000 words 50¢ for each thousand words over 2,000. Please note that this for proofreading of others’ work, proofreading is included in all writing jobs free of charge.


  • Editing $10 an article: if it is under 2,000 words. $20 if it is over 2,000.


  • Blog Posting – does not include writing or editing: $10 a post. The fee includes posting of all content including links, text, videos and pictures. Please note: that Jennings does not perform blog construction, maintenance or design he simply posts. Blog posting fees will be charged in addition to writing and editing charges.

Please feel free to make a counter offer if you wish. Mr. Jennings is willing to work with new clients and to make deals.

Payment is due on completion of jobs. No advance payment please. Mr. Jennings feels it is wrong to take money for work he has not completed. Please be advised that Mr. Jennings does not work on an hourly rate.

Mr. Jennings generally services clients on a first come first serve basis but he will make exceptions for established customers. Therefore he might not be available or capable of meeting your deadlines. Please inform him of all deadlines in the inquiry.

The best way to contact Mr. Jennings is through email. He is available on Skype by appointment only. Mr. Jennings is also available through UpWork. References are available upon request.

If you are interested in Mr. Jennings’ writing services please contact him at: [email protected]