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Four Things to Keep in Mind When Outsourcing Custom Images

So, you need to promote your brand name, company, big event, online content, or something similar, and you have decided to go with custom images. This kind of strategy is really good, since you give your users something that cannot be found and purchased online, and being unique helps you establish your brand identity a lot more easily.

However, this is a task that is usually outsourced, and there are some thing you should check first before outsourcing custom images. Here we will give you some tips on what your concerns should be when you decide to outsource custom images.

Know what kind of equipment the outsourcing party uses



When you are negotiating with your outsourcing company, you need to know that all the work is entrusted to professionals. In other words, one of the things you need to check is what kind of equipment they will be using. If they will shoot the images, you need to ask about the lenses, cameras, and locations they are going to use.

If they will edit the images, ask about the kind of software they are using. Once you have the requested information, check out those tools online to see what users think, and check if the people you are working with are proficient.

Ask for their portfolio

Another really important thing to ask for is their portfolio. If the equipment they are using is not top quality, but the end result is satisfying, then you don’t have to be too worried. If you like the portfolio, and if they can vouch that your images will be of the same quality, then you can go for that outsourcing solution.

Ask about photo editing


Photo editing is an important part of image creation, since paying only for raw images is not something you want. Some pictures require heavy editing before they can go from mundane to engaging. It would also be useful to know exactly what you want, in order to give them thorough instructions, and for them to know what you expect.

Since this is partially creative work, it would be good to contact them via video call, and make sure you are on the same page. Moreover, if they are not going to perform photo editing, it means that you should find another outsourcing solution for that part, but it also means that their service should come a lot cheaper.

Ask if they have flexible schedules

If your custom photos consist of pictures of your staff, then you will have to schedule a photoshoot as well. Just make sure that you pick a good day for shooting, and ask your outsourcing team if they are willing to reschedule in case something does not go as planned or if the weather conditions are not as ideal as you have hoped. Also, check if they have their own shooting space, in case you need indoor images.

These were some of the most common concerns and questions you should ask regarding custom image outsourcing. Hopefully, you will end up with amazing content and your website, app, social media page, etc. will all look great.