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Greatest players in La Liga history

La Liga is one of the most popular soccer leagues among sports fans, so their players always draw a lot of attention. Here we’ve made a list of the greatest ones!

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Iker Casillas

Casillas is the only goalkeeper to be in this list. The world champion and two-time European champion joined Real Madrid at a young age and made his debut at 18. He soon became the youngest goalkeeper in the Champions League – at the same time he won it for the first time.

In total, Casillas played in La Liga 725 times. He has 177 clean sheets (the third best in history), and his trophies include three Champions League, five La Liga Cups and two Spanish Cups.


When you are the second greatest scorer in Real Madrid history, that list cannot be avoided. It is unlikely that anyone will be surprised to see Raul, a legendary man, here.

He began his career at Real Madrid at the age of 15, moving from Atletico. He was so good that he immediately became the youngest player in the history of the team, and his first professional goal came against his previous team. Well, the debut season ended with a championship and a personal award from the league.

During his career, Raul became the champion of Spain six times and celebrated victory in the Champions League three times.

Xavi and Andres Iniesta

When it comes to these two, all the rules fade into the background. Yes, we cheat, but these two simply cannot be separated.

Their accomplishments would not have been so impressive if they hadn’t played together. The older Xavi made his first start in 1998 when Barcelona won La Liga.

And it was his only trophy until Andres Iniesta appeared in 2002. The Spanish duo was so strong that for more than ten years Barcelona was unthinkable without them.

Alfredo Di Stefano

The greatness of Alfredo Di Stefano cannot be denied. Interestingly, at the beginning of his career, the Argentine could play for both Real and Barca – both clubs owned the rights to him. But the Catalans were not impressed by him.

Alfredo Di Stefano played for over ten years in Madrid, where he proved that he had the right to be called the greatest player on the planet. He is most famous for his goals – at Real Madrid he scored 308. But in fact, he was good at everything.

With him, Real Madrid became the strongest club in the world, having won five European Cups in a row, as well as eight La Liga Cups and one Spanish Cup. Well, let’s not forget that Di Stefano is a two-time Ballon d’Or winner.

Lionel Messi

You already knew who would come here. The little wizard from Argentina came to Barcelona at the age of 13, becoming not only the club’s greatest player, but also, in the opinion of many, the world best player.

Let’s start with 10 championship titles. Not bad. He has scored 150 more than Ronaldo and continues to score now. He also has four Champions League cups and six Spanish Cups. Well, no one has won more Ballon d’Or than he.