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Helping Your Small Business Survive COVID-19

If you run a small business, you’re likely facing many challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic.

If you still haven’t closed your offices or stores, you have the chance to get back on your feet. In case you had to shut down, you might be able to work around what happened and reopen.

There are numerous ways to restart your operations, but you should be open to new ideas. This is a new situation, and you should be agile enough to deal with it by implementing new methods. Below are some ideas to get you started.

Focus on Your Employees

If you were operating successfully before COVID-19, chances are you still kept some of your staff.

You’re probably aware that you need the people who stayed with you to give their best and help you keep your business afloat. If possible, let your employees work from home. Show them that you care about their wellbeing by offering some sort of corporate wellness program. It doesn’t have to be an on-site fitness center.

Think outside the box, and offer to pay for yoga classes or occasional healthy meal deliveries. If your employees see that you care, they’ll also be more productive, which can help you increase ROI.

Improve Your Business Plan

Focus on changing your business plan to fit your current needs. Work on including new marketing options for your business and analyze your expenses.

 If some of your employees work from home, chances are your office expenditure will be smaller. Collect the necessary documentation and try contacting the insurance company.

Maybe you’re eligible for some sort of relief. Use the money wisely, and invest in attracting new customers or creating new products. Analyze the market and adjust accordingly.

Social Media Can Save You

If you aren’t a fan of social media when it comes to business, it’s time to become one.

Many people are at home all day, browsing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. Use those social media platforms and work on maintaining your presence. Talk about your business, show support, and you’ll see people supporting you back.

Each social media platform has a distinctive way of communication, so if you haven’t by now, spend some time checking out posts. You’ll soon get the feeling of who’s on what platform and what type of content people love. Focus on the platform where your audience is and promote your business.

Don’t Forget About Yourself

The challenges you’re faced with are tough, but that doesn’t mean you can forget about your mental health.

Find the time to accept how you feel about what’s happened. Reach out to family and friends for support, and if you feel you need more, get in touch with a therapist or a business coach. Even a life coach can mean a lot if you feel stuck on a personal level. Know that many people around you feel the same, and it’s normal to express your fears and doubts.


There’s no doubt that the pandemic has adversely affected your small business. How you decide to act now can make you or break you.

Consider implementing some new ways of motivating your employees, such as corporate wellness programs. It can increase their productivity and, therefore, ROI. Turn to social media for promotions, and don’t forget that you are the most important person to take care of. Work on being mentally strong. Only when you find the strength within will you be able to see progress.