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How Free Spins Came into Casinos

One of the great perks of gambling online is the free spins. Free spins have evolved over time into the type of bonus that we know today. Here’s the story of how free spins came into casinos.   

In the casino industry, free spins are the bounty that everyone wants. However, did you know that these spins were not, in fact, present from the very beginning?  

Casinos and gambling came into the limelight during the ’90s. During that time, there were no bonuses like free spins except for those who had money.  

However, as time passed, online marketing kept the gambling industry going. Eventually, casinos grew, and perks like free spins gained popularity. If you want to know how free spins came into casinos, keep reading till the end.

The Beginning of Free Spins in Casinos  

As time progressed, casino brands started spreading their roots worldwide. It intensified the game, and gamblers started enrolling more and more.  

With such expansion, brands got competitive and introduced perks like bonuses and promotions. These bonuses also featured the free spins primarily.  

And even now, it’s adored by gamblers all over. While there were some alterations than the old-time, it’s mostly on the positive side. In simple terms, casinos hold even better promotions than in prior times.  

Free spins surely evolved with time, and it’s worth reading about them. Here’s a thorough guide to its progress and advancement.

First Deposit Free Spins 

As the name signifies, it’s the first of all types of free spins ever introduced. They are authentic and have lasted for years.  

It’s used by the brands to attract players for a sign-up and make money deposits for which they get free spins. However, these spins were accessible for specific games only.

Even though it was free spins, casinos have wagering requirements. It ensured that only 0.2% of players would make a profit from these casino bonuses.

Free bonuses are further classified to reload bonuses where the players have to make deposits after the first one. There is also Game of the Week free spins where players have to deposit money, and they will get spins on new slots.

No Deposit Free Spins 

As the competition exceeded, brands needed something that allured clients more. Thus, they released the no deposit bonus. In this method, players did not have to make any deposits to get free spins. The concept of no deposit-free spins was well-accepted by the players.  

The wagering requirements were still consolidated with the free spin type. Despite that, the players were pretty happy with the real money slots. That’s because it was the only free spin where the player had nothing to lose. And who knew, whose luck dazzles like a diamond with a spin?  

No Wagering Free Spin 

In no wagering free spins, players have to make deposits. However, the main perk here is that if they win through free spin, the money will be paid as cash. The money was available for instant withdrawal.  

Unfortunately, it came with a drawback where casinos curbed the maximum pay. That prevented players from getting a bigger prize! However, it’s still a decent free spin bonus.  

The main approach behind this free spin bonus was to get rid of wagering requirements. Besides, there are specific sites that offer no deposit/no wagering free spins bonuses.

Wrapping Up 

So that’s an overall narrative on how free spins came into casinos. With the introduction of new casinos, the trend of bonuses grew and expanded to a greater extent. That’s why today, we are able to relish the chance of free spins!