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Can the Blizzard Network make money?

They designed the Blizzard Network (BLIZZ) to help people make money from Prime Aggregation of Avalanche Yields.

Theoretically, Blizzard is an advanced yield accumulator that enables anybody to yield farm. Yield farming means that the Blizzard Network automatically reinvests the proceeds. They hope the reinvestment could create high levels of compounded interest.*

The hope at Blizz is that their network can use compound interest to make money from an initial investment. They claim the Network resembles the mathematical phenomenon called exponential growth or geometric series. It is too early to know if the Blizz Network can achieve exponential growth because they just held the presale on 18 September 2021.

How the Blizzard Network could make money

BLIZZ is a governance token that generates money through inflation. Users put BLIZZ in the Blizz Vaults where it earns interest in Avalanche Tokens (AVAX) from fees.

The Blizzard Network mints 225 BLIZZ tokens for every AVAX token the user ears. The network puts the 225 BLIZZ back into the vaults to earn more AVAX and BLIZZ.

They describe three kinds of Blizzard Vaults in the Blizzard Network Litepaper:

In the Png Aggregator or Liquidity Provider Vaults. Users will deposit LP tokens and earn rewards in Pangolin (PNG) and BLIZZ tokens minted from the fees. In the Blizz Vault, users will earn rewards in Pangolin (PNG) and Trader Joe (JOE)tokens. Unfortunately, you cannot use the JOE tokens at the popular American grocery store chain, Trader Joe’s.

There are also Single Asset Vaults. The Single Asset Vaults give users yields from the 30% performance fee they charge on the LP vaults. The BLIZZ Governance Vault and BLIZZ Governance Pool governs the Blizz Network.

The BLIZZ Token

They plan an initial BLIZZ supply of 600,000 BLIZZ. The Blizz Network will distribute 50% of the BLIZZ tokens in the presale and 1% of the BLIZZ in an airdrop

The Blizz Network will keep 40% of the BLIZZ for liquidity and distribute 8% to the Blizz team. They will airdrop the 1% to gold and diamond Lightning (LIGHT) token holders.

BLIZZ is attracting attention and some value. CoinMarketCap estimates the Blizzard Network (BLIZZ) was the fourth most trending cryptocurrency on 28 September 2021.

CoinMarketCap gave the Blizzard Network (BLIZZ) token a $13.59 Coin Price, a Market Cap of $7.340 million, a Fully Diluted Market Cap of $8.214 million, and a 24-Hour Market Volume of $474,720. They base those numbers on a Self-Regulated Supply of 540 million BLIZZ.

Is BLIZZ a Good Investment?

If you are seeking speculative investment, I think the Blizzard Network is worth a look because they build potential moneymaking capacity into the blockchain.

However, I think you should only invest money you can afford to lose in the Blizz Vaults. I consider BLIZZ an interesting speculative investment that shows how they could engineer cryptocurrency and blockchain to help ordinary people make money.

Hopefully, the BLIZZ Network (BLIZZ) could become a proof of concept for a new class of blockchain investments. Speculators need to watch BLIZZ closely because it shows cryptocurrency’s moneymaking potential.