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How to Become a Taxi Driver

Whether tourists are looking to hail a cab in order to get around a city or if a local commuter prefers to use this convenient form of transportation instead of having their own car in the city, taxi drivers are a big part of life for many.

The job of taxi driver can be a great option for those looking to branch out and explore their options. You get the opportunity to act as your own boss in what is essentially your own business.

It is also a job that requires one to possess more skill and knowledge than the general public might realize. Aside from the necessity of being a good people person, part of the job is to know the city in which you work better than anyone else.

If you are currently considering a career as a taxi driver, here are a few things that you should know about becoming one in the first place.

Do not Forget to Protect Yourself

As with any business, one of the most important aspects of setting yourself up for success is to protect yourself and your work. While you will not have a building or employees to insure, you will have your vehicle and yourself.

Taxi Insurance should be one of the first things that you acquire before starting your work as a cab driver. Make sure to find a policy that fits your budget and that will cover you from liability as you go about your work.

You will develop an instinct on when it is safe to transport a customer and when it is not – you should always put your safety as a priority.

Passing the Tests

Before you can apply for an official license to work as a taxi driver, you will need to pass the appropriate examinations. These tests go far beyond a standard driver’s test and should be taken seriously.

For instance, in London the first test that every taxi driver must pass is called the Knowledge Test. Consisting of several parts including a written examination and a suburban examination, it is designed to ensure that you possess all of the working knowledge that a taxi driver working in London will need.

 You should be aware of the fact that it can take anywhere from three to four years to accumulate and master the information that it takes to pass this portion of the test.

The next examination that you will be subject to in pursuit of your taxi driver’s license will ultimately depend on the city and country in which you plan to work.

Some places require a medical exam or drug test to prove that you are fit to work and have age restrictions on who can apply for a taxi license. It is also becoming more common to have a background check before you will be given a license.’

Once you have passed all of the required examinations, you can then apply with your local council or state to receive your taxi driver’s license so that you can get started in this excited and rewarding career.