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How to Run a Profitable Digital Marketing Campaign

Today, consumers want and expect to find your business online. If they can’t, quite simply, they aren’t even going to know that your company even exists! They sure aren’t going to go out of their way to research your business, which is why your adverts need to be popping up on their screens at all costs.

To ensure this is the case, you must resolve to run a digital marketing campaign. Better still, you must resolve to run a profitable one.

Here is how that can be achieved:

Define your goals

You don’t want to waste any time in your attempt to advertise your business via the web, which is why you must define your goals before your digital marketing campaign even gets going. Knowing what it is you are aiming to do will allow you to focus on your target audience and it will help you to choose the right platforms to advertise upon.

Quite simply, the options are endless when it comes defining digital marketing goals. Just some of the objectives that you could potentially set for yourself in this instance include:

  • Upping your conversion rate
  • Generating more leads
  • Getting more likes and/or comments
  • Having more people respond to your emails
  • Ranking higher on Google

Optimize your web presence

No matter how impressive or captivating your digital marketing campaign proves to be, it won’t do the job that you ask of it if the rest of your online presence leaves a lot to be desired. Quite simply, if you have a bad reputation on the internet, consumers aren’t going to care about your adverts — if anything, they’ll reject them and block them from popping up on their screens going forward.

You need to optimize your web presence at all costs, and the best way to do that is to enlist the services of an online reputation management company like Reputation Rhino. To improve your web presence, they will:

  • Coordinate rapid responses to your online mentions.
  • Publish content with high search engine authority
  • Maximize your visibility across all of your platforms (your website, your social media handles, your blog, etc.).
  • Remove negative content published about your business by contacting the source of it (they will file formal complaints with search engines or webmasters if they have to).

Formulate an email marketing strategy

Email marketing may be as old as the concept of digital marketing itself, but it isn’t ready for the advertising scrapheap just yet. It is just as effective now as it has ever been, simply because people do still access their emails on a daily basis.

To formulate an email marketing strategy that is sure to drum up some interest in your business, you must:

  • Create a way for respondents to sign up or find out more.
  • Offer respondents the chance to unsubscribe from your contact list.
  • Schedule your emails to ensure they are frequent but not annoying
  • Measure your results on a regular basis to ensure you are not wasting your time emailing a certain audience base over and over again.