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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. Friedrich Nietzsche



People management is an essential activity for the company to achieve its global and specific goals , regardless of its area of operation or its organizational structure. Keep reading to learn more about it!

The Benefits Of People Management

The departments of human resources and personnel department have abandoned the traditionalist conception of dealing only with the legal issues regarding admission, permanence, remuneration, vacations and dismissal of employees.

These functions still exist and are of the utmost importance, but now the actions are also linked to the alignment of the department with the strategic issues of the top management. Zoe Talent Solutions will teach you everything you need.

This new format also has a new definition: strategic people management, which addresses issues that have been overlooked but which provide a number of gains for the company. Among the main functions, it is possible to mention:

  1. Help the organization achieve its mission;
  2. Provide means to achieve the objectives of the company;
  3. Assign a balance between the expectations of companies and employees;
  4. Manage productivity and quality;
  5. Create methods to improve individual and organizational performance;
  6. Develop and retain talents;
  7. Ensure employee motivation and commitment;
  8. Ensure a healthy work environment;
  9. Manage organizational changes.

And you, did you know the attributions of a modern management of people? Write your answer in the comments!

More than simply demanding such actions from the professionals it is necessary to show the way to reach them. One way to do this is to teach how to be a better professional and who knows how to use all your skills and abilities.

How Coaching Can Help

Coaching is a great way to work this development in a healthy and productive way. In addition to being a beneficial investment for continuing education, the method has the power to transform people’s lives in a positive way. And these changes can be seen both professionally and personally.

The MBA in People Management & Coaching of the Brazilian Institute of Coaching (IBC) is a Master of Business Administration specialized in developing techniques related to management and coaching at the same time. The course is divided into 4 stages, which are:

Professional & Self Coaching (PSC):

In this module you will acquire the certification to act as a coach. Among the contents of this sector you will learn about history, evolution of coaching, foundation and fundamentals of coaching; coaching models and niches; what is accelerative learning; principles of neurolinguistic programming and positive psychology; virtues of a good leader; use of the Coaching Assessment software, which has the seal of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG); what is and how to exercise constant self-knowledge, self-development and emotional intelligence; what is 360 ° evaluation and self-feedback; how the pyramid of the evolutionary process works; what are the identity processes; how limiting beliefs are created and what to do to make them less sabotaging; what is the code of professional ethics; and much more.  

Business & Executive Coaching (BEC):

At this point you gain insight into what is most modern and effective in coaching techniques for high-performing professionals. This module takes you to other levels of knowledge, such as what organizational scenarios are; what is the philosophy of stress what are the management techniques; what is organizational behavior; how to apply coaching to business; how to apply coaching to a company’s processes; what are the skills and abilities of a high-performance executive; team coaching; career coaching; among many other topics.

Master Coach (MC):

Here you will learn about self-development and how to develop your own coaching methodology. Some of the topics covered are how to create your identity as a coach; how to develop their own coaching methodologies; what are the types of trance; how to make assistance with Transe intervention; what is the evolutionary process; contact with high performance experiences; how to stimulate successful results; what are the methods of quantification; what are the transformational models; and much more.


Here are all the courses that are common and compulsory in people management courses. Some of the contents of this module are the strategic management of people; management by competencies; attraction and selection of people; how to define positions, careers and remuneration; what is organizational culture and how to apply it correctly; how to improve the organizational climate; how to insert coaching in companies; what are the behavioral assessment tools; among others.

Consultant in Behavioral Analysis

Another interesting formation of the IBC in this sense is the Consultant in Behavioral Analysis, which has content based on research and serious studies that show the trends of Brazilian cultural behavior.

In 20 hours of theoretical and practical lessons you will learn how to develop your management process; have complete mastery of Behavioral Profiles Theory; will use a method tested and approved by the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), Fumsoft and Finep; how to enhance coaching processes in your work environment; how to develop and exercise self-knowledge and self-development; how to develop and exercise emotional intelligence in everyday life; how to stimulate improvements in interpersonal relationships to maintain a good organizational climate; how to implement the company’s organizational culture; how to improve the recruitment and selection processes so that they become more agile and assertive; how to carry out strategic planning to optimize the training and development area; and many other interesting topics.

Benefits of The MBA in People Management & Coaching

Such knowledge allows the human resources, personnel department and management professional to use the coaching tools for their personal evolution and to promote the personal progress of other employees as well. After all, it is good for everyone that each one awakens to his full potential and uses it every day.

You can expect growth in the number of healthier interpersonal relationships, a significant improvement in organizational climate indices, faster organizational culture implementation, more productivity, goal achievement, and more creativity. Such advantages allow the development of a feasible strategic plan that brings benefits to the company and its employees.

Did you see how coaching has the power to transform people’s lives in a positive way? The method, and its various courses, has the capacity to empower people. After an IBC training, you will be the protagonist of your own life, creating your paths and understanding which are the best types of trail. It is not a simple process, but learning is something pleasurable and opens the mind to new things. After all, stagnation does not match with high-performing professionals. And coaching rightly teaches you about the ability to be ready to receive new wisdom constantly. Try it!