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Instar Wallet – First Impression

2018 was a crazy year for cryptocurrency, as blockchain’s massive wave of popularity at the beginning of the year led to ICOs appearing basically overnight. While many of these projects were doomed to fail, others came to market with excellent ideas that have since been turned into working successes in 2019!

One such project that’s truly delivered is the Instar Wallet. Currently in beta stage, the Wallet is the first app running on Insights Network’s very own blockchain – the company behind the project.

Nowadays, data is considered one of the most valuable assets in the world, so there’s definitely a big need for a product which allows its users to own and control it.

Instar Wallet a Platform where you can Earn Cryptocurrency

The Instar Wallet team is offering users a platform where you they earn cryptocurrency – Instar tokens, to be more specific – for participating in daily activities, follow the evolution of the crypto market, and also control their own data, making sure that everything is protected and shared when you decide. And as a bonus, you also get access to a learning lab, where you can find pretty much everything you want to know about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Obviously, the most interesting feature of the wallet is the possibility to secure and monetize your personal data by answering questions and surveys on the network.  Your data is fully encrypted and it can be opened using a “one-time pad” provided by the system.

And this is not all, since additional ways of earning cryptographic tokens are available, like inviting friends and receiving digital tokens for helping the network grow!

The Instar Network has 100,000 Confirmed Contributors

And speaking about the network’s growth, it already hosts 100,000 verified contributors and deals with 125,000 transactions per month on average. Not to mention that over 2,000,000 Instar tokens have been paid to users who shared their data on the platform! Again, we’re talking about one of the most valuable assets, so the ability to share it, while retaining full control, and generate a source of passive income is definitely attractive for a broad base of users.

Instar Network’s Referral Competition is currently ongoing, allowing each referral to automatically receive 25 Instar tokens for each referred member. And those who refer the most people will automatically be eligible for the big prizes, like a trip to Thailand. Pretty tempting, isn’t it?

What the Instar Wallet Does

To wrap everything up, there are four major things the wallet does:

  • Helps you earn tokens
  • Allows you to watch prices
  • Gives you full control over your data
  • Gives you access to a learning platform

Simple as that.

As mentioned above, we’re currently looking at the Beta version of the wallet, but more features are expected to be added this year, as Instar will be used to power the Insights Network blockchain. With the interest in this technology and the demand for personal data constantly growing, Instar Wallet will be able to position itself as a leading decentralized data marketplace. We definitely recommending checking it out for yourself to see how you can start earning with the platform!