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Internet Broadband Speed Guide

As broadband technology continues to advance, so do service options; and, what’s out there is astonishing. Broadband is the “ultimate” Internet connection for speed, ease and function, and an option that is competitive in price, making it an affordable choice for many Internet users. Speeds range from 0.5 megabits per second (minimum required for broadband connection though you aren’t likely to find a provider with a plan quite this low) to 25.3 megabits per second (the ultimate speed for Super HD quality). Knowing the amount of speed required for work and play on the Internet is essential for the best time on the net.

Recommended Internet Broadband Speeds

Broadband for light net users: For those that don’t have the keyboard permanently attached to their fingers, a light broadband internet speed should be sufficient. Light refers users accessing the net to check emails and the occasional weekly surfing for information, shopping or simply playing. When Internet use is light, there is no reason to pay for high-speed internet. Cost effective packages are out there; and, with the many providers on the market, there is no reason to pay more until you need more. A package around 3Mbs should supply plenty of speed, and can always be upgraded later to a faster connection.

Broadband for medium net users: For Internet users that find themselves at the computer daily to check emails, post on social media, listen to music or to do a bit of research, work or play, usage somewhere in the middle of the Mbs chart is likely the best choice. With medium usage, download speeds are something to take into consideration. For users that are on the net for a few hours a day, a service plan that offers 10 to 20MBs should be sufficient.

Broadband for heavy net users: For Internet users that are in front of the computer screen for longer or what seems longer than they are away from it, a plan offering high Mbs is essential. Hours spent downloading music and videos, watching TV shows, surfing the net, gaming online, uploading, and on does won’t mean hours waiting when with a high-speed plan. Speed will be a priority when searching for a broadband provider; and, something worth considering is a plan that offers unlimited downloads as well as sufficient upload speed. For heavy net users, an adequate speed is typically around 30Mbs and up.

When selecting an Internet plan/provider you can find great offers here, whilst there are a few things you’ll want to consider:

  • Your goals – What is the intended use? Will you be satisfied with slow web page loading? Are you looking for features that include email addresses, parental controls, spam blocking, and virus protection? Etc. Get to know your goals.


  • Contracts & bundles – With the market flooded with providers you will find lots of flexibility in contracts & savings in bundles. Contracts can be month to month, yearly, two-year, etc. Contracts for a year subscription or more typically waive the hardware fee. Bundling telephone, television, and internet can mean savings, so it is something to consider.


The priority when looking for the right plan is knowing what you need, and finding the plans that offer value for money.