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Market Insanity

iPhone 8 Might Cost $1,200 and have no Fingerprint Reader

The $1,400 (€1,226.94) iPhone might be coming and it may not have a Fingerprint Reader as promised.

A shortage of parts might push the price on the most expensive Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) smartphone; the iPhone 8 to $1,399 (€1,226.06), analyst John Gruber told CNBC. Gruber thinks the iPhone 8 base price will be $1,199 (€1,050.79) and the highest end model will cost $1,399 (€1.226.06).

Gruber is not the only one to put a high price on the iPhone 8 analysts at Goldman Sachs think it will cost more than $1,000 (€876.39). Neither Gruber; nor the Goldman analysts said how long they think the high prices will remain.

Some Customers will pay a Lot More for iPhone 8

One thing is certain; some customers including Americans will pay a lot more the iPhone 8. Most Americans pay for phones on installment plans offered through their phone companies.

These plans last up to 36 months and they often come with very finance charges. That means some Americans will end up paying as much as $2,000 (€1,752.77) for their iPhones. One has to wonder how many people will be willing to pay $2,000 (€1,752.77) for a phone?

iPhone 8 Might not have a Fingerprint Reader

Those who pay $1,400 (€1,226.94) for their iPhone 8 might get one of the features Apple loves to tout: a fingerprint reader. KeyBanc Capital Analyst  Andy Hargreaves thinks Apple has not yet figured out how to put a fingerprint reader on the iPhone 8.

That means Apple might have to use facial recognition technology on the iPhone 8, CNBC reported. This might create a real problem for Apple Pay because fingerprint security is one of the major selling points for that service.

It looks like the real winner from iPhone 8 might be Alphabet’s (NASDAQ: GOOG) Android. Its phones may be cheaper and offer a popular feature Apple lacks. One has to wonder how many people will pay $1,400 (€1,226.94) for an iPhone that lacks a basic security feature.