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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. Friedrich Nietzsche


Justin Amash is a Loser and Wimp

President Donald J. Trump (R-New York) is right about one thing: US Representative Justin Amash is a loser and a wimp.

Amash of Michigan is leaving the Republican Party because its are leaders are attacking him. Republican leaders are attacking Amash because he believes Trump is so corrupt Congress should impeach him. 

Amash’s complaint is that the Grand Old Party (GOP) is too corrupt and partisan. Thus, Amash thinks Republicans need new leadership, but he is doing nothing to provide that leadership. Instead, Amash is leaving the GOP and handing his enemies a victory.

How Amash could really Hurt Trump 

If Amash really wants to hurt Trump, he could stay in the GOP and endorse the primary candidacy of former Massachusetts Governor William Weld. Weld is the only candidate opposing Trump for the Republican presidential nomination.

Notably, Weld is demanding Trump’s resignation for claims he could acceptance foreign intelligence about opponents, The Hill reports. Yet the mainstream media is ignoring Weld’s campaign.

Weld agrees with Amash’s assessment of Trump; and even calls the president “a one-man crime wave,” Business Insider reports. Amash could take advantage of all the publicity he is getting to hold a press conference. Then at the press conference he could endorse Weld and introduce the presidential candidate to the media.

Moreover, Amash could tell all the TV networks: “if you want to talk to me you have to put Weld on your shows first.” Finally, Amash could join Weld out on the campaign trail trying to get average Americans to vote against Trump in the Republican primary.

Justin Amash is no Hero, he’s a Wimp

Note: Amash did not endorse Weld, or announce his own presidential run. Thus, Amash does not care about the Republican Party or partisanship.

Instead, I think what Amash really cares about is all money he will soon make from his book deal, lobbying work, and high-paying analyst job at one of the big TV or cable networks. All Amash is doing is playing the media game to promote his brand, not fighting for the GOP or opposing partisanship.

Oddly, the only person who gets Amash right is Trump. Trump correctly Tweets that Amash is a “looser” and a “total lightweight,” The New York Times reports. I will go farther and call Amash a wimp and a coward.

When the going got tough, Amash turned and ran away like a wimp. You do not fight a bully by running away. You fight a bully by standing up and fighting back. Thus, Amash is doing exactly what Trump wants.

Why the Media is Glorifying Amash?

Worst of all our media making a hero of Amash when his behavior is loathsome, self-serving, hypocritical, and cowardly.

My guess is that elements in the media want to protect Trump but they do not want to be seen helping Trump. To achieve that goal, the Trump enablers in the media ignore opponents who can hurt Trump; such as Weld and glorify frauds like Amash.

Plus, cynics will say that Amash knows he will get no book deal or serious TV time if he endorses Weld. The last thing the big media wants is for Trump to go down. Its leaders fear even Weld’s tiny chances of accomplishing that goal. I conclude, Amash shares that agenda and wants Trump to stay in office.

The real hero here is Weld who is out in the trenches fighting the true battle against Trump alone. Weld gets no media attention and no accolades for trying to fix the Republican Party.

Meanwhile, the corrupt New York-Washington media axis lionizes Amash. Hopefully, the American people will see through this charade; ignore Amash, and hand Weld a few primary victories.

Finally, I advise Trump opponents to stay far away from Julian Amash; because he is a self-serving coward who is spitting at voters and turning his back on his party. At the end of the day, Julian Amash is one of Donald J. Trump’s most potent allies.