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Media Coverage on Trump Affairs is both Troubling and Hypocritical

The media coverage of the allegations that ex-Playmate Karen McDougal and porn actress Stormy Daniels are making against President Donald J. Trump (R-New York) is extremely troubling on every level.

The most disturbing aspect of the media’s behavior can be summed up by one important yet simple question: “Where was this story during the election?” Notice that vital question is absent from all the media coverage of those affairs? Why?

It is obvious that the major media outlets knew all about Daniels and McDougall two years ago and refused to report their stories. The only reporters willing to talk to the two during the election worked for American Media Inc. (AMI); the owner of The National Enquirer. Those “journalists” who worked for a friend of Trump AMI CEO David J. Pecker, actively tried to suppress the story by bribing the women.

What’s truly disgusting about that is that any of the big media outlets such as ABC, CBS, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post (owned by the world’s richest man Jeff Bezos), etc., could have easily outbid AMI, got the story and run with it. Yet the media executives; many of whom now claim to be members of the “resistance,” refused to do so.

Shouldn’t Americans be allowed to Make Up their Own Minds about Trump?

Didn’t the average Americans who were voting for the most important elected official in the world deserve to hear about these allegations and make up their own minds about them?

The arrogance and elitism on display here is utterly disgusting. The journalists are deciding what constitutes “news” and what the public should know about. Effectively they are trying to tell the public what to think about Trump. This smacks of a return to the bad old days of 20th Century when arrogant newsmen like Walter Cronkite used national media to manipulate public opinion

Such behavior will give rise to some nasty conspiracy theories that will sow distrust in all institutions and encourage class warfare. The most obvious of these theories is that the journalists; or their bosses, were on Trump’s side. The suspicion will be that they wanted him to win and deliberately withheld the story to elect the Donald.

Another obvious theory is that reporters or media executives were trying to protect Hillary Clinton. The fear was that Donald or his supporters; such as AMI, would have retaliated for stories about Trump’s affairs with exposes of Bill Clinton’s disgusting antics. Trump himself even made such threats on the campaign trail.

Did the Media Manipulate the 2016 Presidential elections

Either way, the refusal to report the story smacks of bias; if not outright favoritism, and totally unethical behavior in the newsrooms. It may not have affected the election results but Americans deserved to know and make up their own minds.

Something to remember is that there were tens of millions who barely knew who Donald J. Trump was in 2016. Worse, many of them believed the cartoon shown on The Apprentice was “reality.” Those people certainly deserved to know the whole story about the Donald, or at least the shoddy reality of his marriage.

Yes, most of those voters are aware of Trump’s flaws but they deserved a complete picture of the man. Trump haters should note here that Donald might have won despite such stories. A March 15, 2018, Pew Research Survey found that around 78% of “White Evangelicals: “approved of the job” President Trump is doing.

Media’s Disgusting Performance

The media’s coverage of Trump is utterly disgusting, and disturbing. First, the self-proclaimed journalists deliberately ignored; and perhaps covered up, the man’s obvious character flaws in a way that was deceptive to voters.

Now they are reporting on those flaws in such a way that portrays two very amoral and self-serving women as “heroes.” CNN even called Karen McDougal, whose only interest seems to be the fast buck; “brave.” How is McDougal brave? Her life is not in danger; and all she has to lose is her reputation, which she does not care about in the first place.

This farcical reporting is utterly nauseating and worse is about to come. Now that the media has “exposed” the well-known story of Trump’s sex life they will undoubtedly dig up the Mafia allegations and report them as news. Since those allegations are 30 years old and widely known; U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) even mentioned them during the Republican Presidential Primary, it will make the media look even stupider.

The Trump coverage demonstrates why average Americans of all ideological stripes despise, distrust, and ignore the news media. The journalists are demonstrating they are incapable of doing their job; or exercising basic ethics, yet arrogant enough to tell the rest of us what to think. The real wonder is why anybody is even paying attention to any of these media outlets.