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Meet Emercoin the Ethereum without the Ethereum?

Emercoin (EMC) is yet another blockchain service platform designed as an alternative to Ethereum (ETH). Like Ethereum, Emercoin is a blockchain operating system that features its own cryptocurrency.

Emercoin has attracted some attention from Mr. Market because it achieved a Coin Price of $3.49 on 1 March 2018. EMC also acquired a Market Cap of $144.452 million, and a Market Volume of 722,153 on the same day, according to our friends at CoinMarketCap.

Those figures were generated from a circulating supply of 41.409 million EMC, which is pretty good for a lesser altcoin. They indicate that this cryptocurrency might be a serious contender but what is it?

Ethereum without the Ethereum???

An interesting way to think of the Emercoin platform is as Ethereum without Etheruem (ETH). That is an open-sourced platform for distributed blockchain services that operates like Ethereum, without using the Ethereum protocols.

There are some serious drawbacks to that approach including a lack of compatibility with ERC20 (Ethereum-protocol) tokens. Another serious limitation is the lack of the capability to build your own cryptocurrency or utility token. My estimate is that 90% of Ehtereum’s appeal comes from its “build-your-own cryptocurrency” feature.

Emercoin offers many of the same features as Ethereum including storage for digital timestamps, a digital proof of ownership solution, a secure shell management system, and InfoCard. InfoCard appears to be Emercoin’s answer to Smart Contracts, it calls the solution electronic business cards that can be used with its password-less authentication protocol – EMCSSL.

There are a few unique features to Emercoin including Magnet, a distributed torrent tracker that is designed for internet file sharing. The goal at Emercoin appears to be to build a worldwide data storage system similar to Dropbox.

A Value Investment Aspect to Emercoin

The most interesting feature of the Emercoin platform from a value-investment standpoint is EMCLinx a peer-to-peer text-based advertisement link exchange based on a pay-per-click payment model.

The EMCLinx process is described this way at the Emercoin website:

  • Buyer: Advertises their website using the EMCLNX network. They pay a small amount  for each Visitor referred to their site by the EMCLNX network.

  • Host: Displays EMCLNX advertisements on their website. When a Visitor clicks an ad, the Host sends this Visitor to the Buyer’s website and receives payment from the Buyer for this visit.


  • Visitor: An ordinary web-user who clicks on an advertisement on the Host’s website and arrives at the Buyer’s website.

That sounds simple until one realizes that it sounds a great deal like the Google advertising which financed the building of the Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG) empire. Google generated $95.38 billion in advertising revenues in 2017, Statista reported. That accounted for 70.9% of Alphabets’ (NASDAQ: GOOGL) 2017 revenues of $110.9 billion.

How Emercoin might make Money

Emercoin’s platform continues a feature designed to tap a proven source of revenue. Alphabet’s empire was built largely with advertising revenue, and Emercoin has a built-in source of advertising revenue.

There’s no guarantee this will work, but Emercoin is utilizing a proven business model to tap a potential source of income. That shows the company behind it has an astute management team that understands they need to make money to survive.

It is certainly refreshing to see a blockchain company with a management company that understands they must build a moneymaking business. They are not simply relying on the initial cryptocurrency (ICO) and the market to generate revenue.

Emercoin has attracted some impressive corporate partners including Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and the enterprise Linux provider Red Hat. Emercoin is participating in the cloud architecture initiative Microsoft Azure. Other partners include Livecoin, HitBTC, BitFury, NIC, Chain of Things, HashCoins, and Aspanta. If that was not enough, Emercoin is participating in some interesting business ventures such as’s plan for a network of flying taxi cabs in cities.

A business like Blockchain Company, what’s up with that?

A blockchain startup that is operating like a real business is a refreshing idea. If you are looking for a cryptocurrency that might be a potential value investment Emercoin (EMC) could be it.

This company is run in a businesslike manner and it has a plan to make money. That is more than you can you say for a lot of the altcoins; and most of the blockchain schemes, on the market today.