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What you are Missing Out on Without Frequent Flyer Programs and Points?

Rewards programs are unique and win-win strategies devised by businesses for the sustenance of their operations. In the field of aviation, reward programs are rendered to consumers in the form of frequent flyer programs where they get points or miles with every trip they make with a certain airline and its associates.

If you travel more often and still don’t get signed up for any associated frequent flyer program, then you are missing out on many services that could be availed without spending a cent. Let’s look into some of the complementary features you might be failing to avail without any frequent flyer points.

Priority Boarding

Airports are busy and crowded spaces where everyone wants to get on board as soon as possible. So what’s better than having an offer at your disposal to get on your flight before everyone else and have a seat of your choice?

With priority boarding, you don’t have to suffer the aisle seat shenanigans, but for that, you must have enrolled in frequent flyer program and have sufficient points to spare. A Points bank can help you with managing all the details of programs and points. With enough frequent flyer points to spend, you can cut down the time spent on the carousel and get sufficient time to get comfortable in your seat.

Free First Class

You might have missed out on many opportunities of complimentary upgrades from economy to first class without getting registered for a frequent flyer program. There is a major difference between different seating classes.

Some people even with frequent flyer programs can’t effectively utilize their points due to mismanagement; which happens because they are trying to do it on their own. If you don’t want to let pass an opportunity to have a better flying experience, then frequent flyer program and sufficient points are a must.

Lounge Access

If you are boarded on a long-haul flight with a layover or two then you must have known the importance of having access to airline lounges. Most of the times, lounge access is only granted to the passengers of business and first class, and commuters at the back of the plane have to pay to avail the comfort of these lounges.

In some instances, frequent flyer points allow you to get complimentary airline lounge access even if you are travelling economy. But it’s unfortunate to waive the opportunity of getting free internet, snacks, and drinks by not availing frequent flyer program or failing to manage your points.

Exclusive, One Time Offers

One can lose out a plethora of offers and discounts without having any points available in his/her program. You will be missing out on more than just flying benefits because these special offers are given by the program partners of an airline. These partners are usually other non-aviation ventures offering amazing discounts and exclusive offers on their different services and products.

Therefore, make it certain that you are a part of a frequent flyer program and having your points managed carefully and frequently.