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Qurrex Unveils Next-Generation Cryptocurrency Trading Terminal

Qurrex unveiled a next-generation cryptocurrency trading terminal designed for use by financial and investment professionals.

The terminal offers access to Qurrex’s decentralized high-performance blockchain trading platform. The platform itself is scheduled to be unveiled to the public in January 2018.

The Qurrex platform and trading terminal are designed for professional traders, institutional investors, and brokers. The hybrid platform is built on a centralized core exchange module that is based on the architecture used in traditional exchanges.

A Cryptocurrency trading platform for everybody

Qurrex’s platform will offer traders and brokers the features they have become used to; including professional interface, high-speed data connectivity, professional-grade technical analysis, and direct connections to decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. One of Qurrex’s goals is to increase the liquidity of the cryptocurrency markets.

Unlike some existing cryptocurrency trading solutions, Qurrex’s terminal is designed for high-frequency and high-volume trading. That will make it ideal for use by brokers, institutional investors, investment bankers, fund managers, and other finance industry professionals.

Despite that, Qurrex’s hybrid exchange platform is so easy to use; it can serve the needs of casual investors and part-time day traders. Qurrex has designed its products for all levels of investor from seasoned professionals to beginners.

Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange designed for fast high-volume trading

Qurrex can offer high-speed data connectivity, and fast, high-volume trading; because its decentralized exchange and blockchain network should eliminate middlemen from the trading process. The system is designed to serve professionals with architecture that meets financial industry standards.

“We are confident that the new hybrid cryptocurrency exchange platform will be a success, considering our competitive edge, our product’s vast addressable market, transparency and growing demand from brokers and investors,” Qurrex CEO Matthijs Johan Lek said.

Qurrex’s hybrid currency exchange platform offers all levels of investors some impressive features including:

  • Maximum transparency for users.


  • An independent audit by an industry acknowledged provider.


  • Publishing of financial accounts, maximum formalization of all processes.


  • An advanced interface that is highly customizable and comes with its own API.


  • A platform for social trading and investing that includes its own marketplace.

  • Multilingual user support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • High-performance hybrid architecture supported by an independent technical audit.


  • Payment gateways for fiat currency deposits and withdrawals.


Qurrex is planning a Cryptocurrency Offering (ICO) for winter 2018.

About Qurrex

The Qurrex platform is being developed by a team of professionals with experience in investment banking, business development, and exchange infrastructure development.

CEO Matthijs Johan Lek has had over 20 years of experience in finance and investment banking. Lek and his team hope to raise $50 million with the ICO of its ERC20 (Ethereum-based) token.

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