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Next Generation Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet Ships October 31

The world’s most advanced and sophisticated cryptocurrency hardware wallet is scheduled to go on sale on Halloween Day, 2017.

The Ledger Blue is far more than just a storage device; instead, it is supposed to look and function more like a tablet rather than older wallets such as the TREZOR. The device will even have Bluetooth connectivity so that users will be able to manage their cryptocurrency and smart contracts directly on the device.

The Blue will be manufactured in France by Ledger S.A., the company behind the very popular Nano S and HW.1 hardware wallets already on the market. Information posted on Ledger’s website makes the Blue sound like the Ferrari of hardware wallets. Geeks should note that Ledger has discontinued the HW.1 although you can still buy the device through Amazon.

The Ferrari of Hardware Wallets is here!!

Some of the Blue’s features will include:

  • A 3.5-inch color display touch screen similar to that on a high-end smartphone. This means a real human being will actually be able to see and use the screen without a magnifying glass.

  • USB 2.0 full speed, NFC (near field communications) and BLE 4.1 Bluetooth connectivity. The NFC means it might be able to communicate with cash registers like Apple Pay and Android do at some point. Note: Ledger’s website states that NFC will require a firmware update.


  • A 500m A LiPo lithium battery.


  • The ability to install and remove Apps with Ledger Manager.


  • Free firmware upgrades.


  • Compatibility with Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Chrome OS operating systems.


  • Enterprising app licensing & support.

  • Enterprise grade security guaranteed by a four to eight digit PIN code and Ledger’s proprietary BOLOS isolation technology and Secure Element EAL6+/ST31.


  • Backup provided by a recovery sheet or paper wallet. This is supposed to allow easy restoration of lost or stolen altcoins on any compatible hardware including all Ledger devices.


If these claims are true, Ledger might have a real winner on its hands. The Blue might help cryptocurrency and hardware wallets enter the mainstream. Unlike existing devices such as the TREZOR and Nano S, the Blue will be fairly easy to use.

This device is also designed for the financial industry, especially for bankers, investment bankers, hedge fund managers and others using large amounts of cryptocurrency. One has to wonder if the Blue might become a status symbol for fin-tech and cryptocurrency geeks at some point in the near future.

The Future of Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets

The Blue will be pricier than other wallets; it will retail at €229 ($275.61) on Ledger’s website, but will probably cost a lot more at large online retailers such as Amazon. If it is anything like Ledger’s other devices, Blue will sell out fast at those websites and its price will rise.

That means if you want a Blue you should order early because they might be on back order for several months. Ledger’s other product the Nano S is currently on back order at its website and Amazon.

Hopefully, Ledger will also bring out a more rugged model of the Blue. Unlike Satsohi Labs’ TREZOR, its products are not waterproof or designed to survive being dropped. One has to wonder if Ledger will become the Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) of cryptocurrency technology, and the Blue, a must have gadget for all cryptocurrency geeks.

The Ledger Blue will also be the perfect 2017 Christmas present for cryptocurrency geeks everywhere. It is scheduled to go on sale on October 31, 2017, that’s Halloween Day in the English-speaking world.