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The One Ecommerce Book that you Should Read This Year

If you read one ecommerce book this year it should be How to Build your Start-Up Future: Learn all the right tropes of starting your own Small Business by DI Mag. Upen Chokshi. This comprehensive volume is chock full of good information and great advice that both seasoned marketers and beginners will find fascinating and valuable.

I have an MBA with a specialty in e-business and years of experience in blogging and online promotion, yet I learned a great deal from the book. For example I was only vaguely aware of the SMS (short messaging service) solution WhatsApp which has one billion users around the world but is little used in the United States where I live.

Mr. Chokshi devotes an entire chapter to WhatsApp and its features such as the capability for users to receive messages when they are offline. He points out that WhatsApp; which is owned by Facebook (NASDAQ: FB), is poised to revolutionize marketing. He also details the features of WhatsApp; including the ability to send out videos that could be of use to businesses.

An Ecommerce Book for Everybody

I also liked the way that Mr. Chokshi combined basic startup advice with advanced online and social media marketing information. Many ecommerce books contain a great deal of data on subjects such as SEO, social media and Google but say little or nothing about actually organizing or operating a business.

Chokshi who has had real-world business experience; operating two chemical companies in India and starting a successful hosting and ecommerce company in Europe, offers a basic blueprint for setting up a business. The blueprint explains some of the fundamental principles of entrepreneurship and business operation, such as the importance of cash flow and the critical process of invoicing; that many online marketing books ignore.

He also exposes some of the biggest mistakes that startup owners make and shows them how to avoid those pitfalls. For example, Chokshi shows why venture capital is often a very bad deal for a startup. He also explains what customer segmentation and value groups are and why they are so important to a business’s success.

He explores everything from teamwork to branding and culture. More importantly he explains how to integrate modern technological solutions including social media, SMS, managed word press hosing, enterprise hosting, dedicated servers, business hosting, cloud servers and the internet of things into a business.


The Advice is Real and Valuable                 

This advice is real and valuable because Mr. Chokshi has actually been there and done that. Chokshi calls himself a Business Architect, but he’s also an experienced business consultant and a seasoned entrepreneur who has built successful enterprises in two different industries on two different continents.

If you are looking for a comprehensive introduction to modern ecommerce, DI Mag. Upen Chokshi has written it. How to Build Your Start-Up Future is available from Amazon in both Kindle e-book and paperback format. For those planning to start an ecommerce business or take an existing enterprise online the purchase of this book would be money well spent.

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