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Persuasion Nation: Why Label Design Will Make or Break Your Brand

When it comes to making purchasing decisions, 60% of shoppers decide what to buy after they enter a store. For companies, this means high-quality product packaging and catchy labels to stand out from the crowd.

Shoppers have less and less time to go shopping, so brands have as little as 2-3 seconds to grab their attention. Labels are one of the first things customers notice and are often the main purchasing factor. 

If you want to boost your sales or launch a new product on the market, read on to learn why label design can make or break your product and brand.

Color Psychology

Companies and marketing/branding agencies often use color psychology to send a message and create brand awareness. When you design a label, think about your brand colors and the colors of the packaging.

Once you have set a color scheme, this will become a part of your advertising campaigns and materials. Customers will recognize your brand faster, and your products will start standing out on the shelves.

Typography and Readability

The easiest way to test and preview how your letters, colors, and images will look on your product is to use an online label maker  Adobe Spark Post.

You can choose size, shape, images, icons, illustrations, and fonts and design a stunning label for free in minutes. Then, simply download the files for the finished design and send them to your printing company.

Images and Illustrations

The best label design templates have an image that adds to your brand story and blends in with the package design.

Quality illustrations are another great way to distinguish your brand from the competition. It also shows your company put in effort into the design instead of using stock images on the label.

Label Material

The label material is another crucial component of your packaging design. You can choose between paper, foil, industrial vinyl, polypropylene, PVC, and PET film, to name a few.

If you’re using label design software, decide on the label material beforehand. Some designs, colors, and typography may appear differently on different textures and finishes.

Shape and Form

The shape and form of your label is an important aspect of the visual appeal. Unusual designs tend to attract the customer’s attention and send the message that you pay attention to details.

If you decide on an unusual label, make sure the product packaging is clear or monochromatic. This helps keep your customer’s attention on the label displaying your brand name.

Company Information and Instructions

Your label is the best opportunity for customers to learn more about your company and brand. This is your chance to add contact information, website, phone numbers, addresses, and anything else you want customers to know.

These things work best on the back label, as you want your front label to attract customers with simplicity and design.

This Is Why Good Product Label Design Is Important for Your Brand!

The product packaging and label design are the first things customers see before they even try your product. This is why you need a persuasive label that will attract your customer’s attention among other products on the shelf.

Sloppy, cluttered, and outdated label design can be detrimental to your brand, no matter how high quality your product is.

To learn more about why branding is important for marketing and sales, visit my blog where I publish articles about today’s marketplace.