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Power of Knowing More Than One Language

The power of language is immense, yet subtle. Maybe that is why it is so underrated. A person that has complete command over a language has the power to change the world.

Imagine, the kind of power a person can have of they know not one but two, or even more languages.

There is no arguing the fact that knowing a second language only has benefits.  In fact, it is so beneficial that schools are now introducing bilingual education into their systems.

Benefits of Knowing More Languages

The benefits of knowing multiple languages are not restricted to the classroom. It has several overall benefits and some in the job market as well. Here are a few of general benefits:

Enhances Creativity

Languages are different from one another. To be able to form proper sentences one needs to think hard.

The difference in the way that the words string together pushes your brain to break through the routine and explore different territories.  This push to look for new ways of effective communication in different language inspires creative thoughts.

A study was conducted using Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT), which revealed that the bilingual candidates displayed more creativity than the monolingual candidates.

And let’s just face it, learning a language is extremely fun. And where there is fun there is creativity.

Improves Analytical Skills

In the same light, knowing multiple languages helps greatly with analytical skills. When a person speaks in a language that is not the native language, then there is a translation process triggered in their mind.

This process forces them to take into consideration all the words that are being said and gives a micro-second of reflection. Due to this reflection, the person is more likely to act rationally instead of acting out emotionally.

Brain Muscle Strength

Working out is important for every muscle in our body. Learning new things is the way you can exercise your brain muscle.

Learning a new language is like a full body workout for your brain because you are challenging the medium in which the brain conducts its processes.

Hard work on a new language helps you stay focused, understand better, and memorize.

A second language can help your brain exercise and ultimately become more effective and efficient.

Moreover, learning a new language also helps form new memory cells. This is the reason that senior citizens are encouraged to learn a new language. It helps them prevent dementia by the formation of the new memory cells.

Grows Native Vocabulary

More often than not, we are not entirely familiar with our own native languages. It is usually because we speak it so often that we start relying on our instincts instead of the rules.

When you are learning a new language, it also reveals many aspects of your native language that you weren’t already familiar with, new vocabulary for instance.

There might come up certain words that you might have not known before, or might have used them wrong. Therefore, it ultimately helps you master both languages.

School Success

We have already established that learning a new language helps the mind grow in many ways. Schools have identified that potential as well and that is why now adopting bilingual education systems are.

Learning more than one language enhances the vocabulary of the students, while also improving their creativity, analytical skills, and memory strength. All these factors contribute to the success that the student enjoys as academically.

And this doesn’t just stay till high school but also keeps contributing way afterward for example in college and with employment.

Enables Foreign Communication

Communication is extremely essential, no matter what aspect of life you pick. When you are in a situation where you constantly encounter people that speak different languages, knowing another language can only come in handy.

Develops Cultural Awareness

A language is the essence of its culture. When you are learning the language, you also understand a lot about the culture of the country where it is spoken.

You not only learn different words but also learn the way they are used, the conventions, the customs, and the traditions.

Stepping out of the boundaries of your own language really helps you understand the vast cultures around the world.

Creates Job Security

Once out of the education system and into the employment market, learning a new language still keeps benefiting you.

Businesses are opting to go global every day, and this is making jobs slightly trickier. Because of the global reach of international business, the employees have to deal with a diversity of people.

This diversity includes people that speak different languages. In such circumstances, being bilingual can set you apart from the crowd. Speaking more than one language gives you a head start on the competition.

Moreover, there are also fields like translator and interpreter that are open to people that know multiple languages. And the best thing about these fields is that they are very specific and unsaturated.

Global Relationship Development

Last but not least, the core reason for learning another language is to foster global relationships.

People who can speak multiple languages, refuse to live in a bubble around the world where they meet the same kind of people and everyone speaks the same language.

Bilingual speakers can make relationships all across the world and enjoy them in their natural rawness instead of a bland English version.

Final Word

Knowing a language is a powerful thing, knowing two languages makes you charismatic. Whether it is the success in academia or landing a job everyone thought was impossible to get.

Learning more than one languages has benefits every which way.  It makes you diverse and appealing to others, ensures a majestic success everywhere you go, and also helps your mind sharpen.

It helps you with your memory, analytical skills and most of all in creativity. It also helps you diversify your horizon by understanding other cultures while also getting better at your own.

The power of knowing more than one language is immense, it is a shame not many people think to take on the challenge.