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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. Friedrich Nietzsche

Historical Insanity

Reasons why Ancient Aliens is Racist

Here at Lists of Doom we believe the History Channel’s hit program Ancient Aliens is racist and dangerous.

Consequently we want Ancient Aliens taken off the air and we encourage people to boycott the show. In fact, we believe Ancient Aliens is a threat to the future of humanity.

Some reasons why The History Channel needs to cancel Ancient Aliens now include:

  • Ancient Aliens discriminates against humans by promoting the belief humans cannot invent anything or do anything for themselves. Instead, Ancient Aliens theorizes that super-intelligent aliens invented everything we have.
  • Ancient Aliens promotes the belief that humans are stupid, incompetent, and ignorant and incapable of doing anything for themselves.
  • Ancient Aliens promotes the belief that aliens are superior to humans. Thus Ancient Aliens promotes anti-human racism.
  • Ancient Aliens harms the self-esteem of human children by telling them they are not smart enough to invent anything.
  • Ancient Aliens harms human self-esteem by promoting the belief that humans are incapable of thinking for themselves.
  • Ancient Aliens is dangerous because it encourages humans to think of alien invaders as friendly and benevolent. However, we do not endorse the conspiracy theory that the aliens who control The History Channel are using Ancient Aliens to deceive humans into thinking that alien invaders are their friends.
  • Ancient Aliens discriminates against Jews by claiming that aliens wrote the Bible.
  • Ancient Aliens discriminates against Christians by promoting the belief that Jesus was an alien double agent.
  • Ancient Aliens discriminates against Native Americans by claiming that Native Americans are descended from space aliens.
  • Ancient Aliens threatens Native Americans by promoting the idea that Native Americans are really space aliens. We fear that President Donald J. Trump (R-Florida) and his followers will use Ancient Aliens’ claims as an excuse to deport Native Americans; and U.S. Senator Liz Warren (D-Massachusetts), to Mars. To clarify, Trump could think Warren is a space alien because the presidential candidate claims to be a Native American.

Therefore we demand that Ancient Aliens be taken off the air because it is a threat to humanity’s future. Consequently, we are petitioning UNIT and the MIB for an immediate investigation of Ancient Aliens, The History Channel, and the threat they pose to global security.