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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. Friedrich Nietzsche


“Resist” tells us everything that’s wrong with today’s Democrats

“Defeat doesn’t finish a man. Quit does. A man is not finished when he’s defeated. He’s finished when he quits,” – Richard M. Nixon.

There is one word that explains everything wrong with today’s Democratic Party and the American left – it is “resist” the slogan of the anti-Trump movement.

The very word implies two obvious falsehoods that help President Donald J. Trump and his allies and cripples the opposition. These lies are that Trump is a powerful tyrant and that the Democrats and the left are weak and helpless.

Resistance implies a refusal to cooperate with a tyranny or an occupying army; in other words, to quit fighting and accept the inevitable. Trump is obviously neither a tyrant nor an occupier. Instead, he is simply a politician who an election, and not a very powerful one at that.

The worst that the President can to do his enemies is to insult them on Twitter, or before crowds of elderly Social Security recipients in gymnasiums in Alabama. Donald J. Trump has no more power than a teenaged girl with a smartphone.

The left and Democrats are far from weak and helpless. They control the media, several of the nation’s most populous states, and many of the basic institutions of American life. The President’s agenda is no closer to reality today than it was last year when he was just a candidate.

Resist proves Democrats are Losers

Democrats are in a strong position to oppose the President and potentially destroy him yet they are behaving like a bunch of losers.

The term “resistance” conjures up not victory; but images of a bunch of defeated French people hiding in a dingy cellar waiting for the Americans, the British, or the Canadians to save them from the Nazis. Resistance is exactly what the Donald wants because it fuels his image of being a powerful president, rather than a weak and incompetent failure (which is what he is).

Something to remember is that during World War II when Winston Churchill was rallying the British against the Nazis he did not tell them to “resist.” Instead, Churchill promised Britons, Canadians, and Americans, “victory.” Nor did the civil rights movement of the 1960s promise to resist segregation, it promised to overcome. Civil rights activists even sang: “we shall overcome.”

History tells us that both Churchill and the Civil Rights movement won their battles. They succeeded because they set out to win not to resist.

Stop Resisting Democrats and Start Fighting to Win

Democrats need to stop talking about resistance and start talking about victory. Instead of resisting Democrats need to say how they plan to overcome Trump.

The party of Harry Truman has become a bunch of wusses that are afraid of a pompous bully. Any party that promises only to resist when they can clearly and easily kick the opposition’s ass deserves to lose.

If a general or a football coach promised only resistance he or she would deservedly get fired. Democrats need to fire any leader, strategist, or spokesperson talking of resistance. Rank and file Democrats need to tell their leaders we want victory, not resistance.

There’s a reason why U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) is the most popular politician in America. He is fighting Trump with both fists and proving the left can win. Other Democrats need to learn from Bernie instead of devising ways to stab him in the back.

LeBron James is Right Trump is a Bum

There is one popular Democrat who understands Trump; and knows how to deal with him: LeBron James. Here’s how James responded to Trump’s childish racism:

“U bum @StephenCurry30 already said he ain’t going! So therefore ain’t no invite. Going to White House was a great honor until you showed up!” King James tweeted on September 23.

James is absolutely right Trump is nothing but a bum. A loaded word that harks back to the old phrase: “throw the bums out.” That’s what Americans need to do in 2018 and in 2020.

The Rev. Martin Luther King, integration leader, addresses a crowd on a street in Lakeview, New York May 12, 1965. The Nobel Prize winner arrived in the day from Atlanta, Ga., for a whirlwind tour of Nassau County to advance the cause of African Americans in that area. (AP Photo)

King James is reminding us that we have the power to throw Donald J. Trump and his sorry crew out of the White House in just three years. More importantly, there is nothing Trump can do to stop that from happening except campaign.

This conversation outlines a big difference between King James and the Resistance. James is a winner, when he goes out on the court James plays to win not to resist. As a professional athlete, James understands that you have to go out and fight to win every time.

Democrats need new leadership and the first task of those leaders is to banish the word resist to the ash heap of history where it belongs. The second is to tell their party; “we are here to fight to win. That’s the program, get with it or get out.”

Throw the Bum Out!!

Some new Democrat slogans for 2020 should be:


Beat Trump!!

“Kick Trump’s Ass (right out of the White House)!!”

Jun 11, 2015; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James talks to the media after game four of the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors at Quicken Loans Arena. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

“We shall overcome!”

“Crush Trump!!”

“Beat Trump”

“Donald you’re fired get used to it.”

“Throw the bum out!!!”

Those who talk resistance should prepare themselves for four more years of Trump. The resisters are playing right into Donald’s hands. Winners do not resist they fight, that’s what Democrats and all Americans that don’t want a bum in the White House must do.