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Seven Facts about Office Plants

Office plants play an integral part in maintaining pleasant office environment and let you have a glimpse of nature while you spend the better part of day inside a concrete structure. Exposure to even a minuscule part of nature can bring calmness and stability, which is the reason why the trend of office plants is seen to be rising throughout the world. Whether it is the small ones to be placed right on your work station, or huge ones to grace the hallways and lobbies, there are quite a few options when it comes to office plants.

While you select your favorite indoor plant to accompany you to your workplace, let us give you some more facts about office plants. Keep reading!

They purify the air, making it more breathable


The modern buildings, specifically the energy efficient ones, are completely shut off from the external outdoor environment. This means that any and all pollutants from air conditioners, refrigerators and other equipments are trapped inside. In the absence of plants, these pollutants stay in for longer periods of time and can cause harm. Plants play their part in absorbing these into their soil , where they are converted into food for the plants. As such, the harmful impact of indoor pollutants can be curtailed to a major extent.

They bring down stress levels of employees

Exposure to nature is known to reduce stress levels of human beings. Being stuck in a completely artificial environment the whole day can impact the productivity by increasing stress of employees. Plants, as such, play their part in keeping the stress and anxiety of employees in check by providing them a chunk of the natural outdoor environment inside.

They add aesthetic value to the workplace

Workplaces, when landscaped with plants inside, get exponentially more aesthetic and unique, unlike the typical ones where aesthetics are only added by sleek furniture and minimalistic design. Places such as main hallways and huge conference rooms can very well be given a touch of uniqueness by having a landscaped corner or wall.

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They lower maintenance costs

Plants, as part of their respiratory process, release moisture which is responsible for bringing the indoor humidity level up to the right range required for human beings as well as materials such as wood. Offices often experience lower than required humidity levels causing problems such as dryness. It is basically the amount of water vapors present in the atmosphere. As such, plants provide this much required moisture.

They curtail sick building syndrome

Sick building syndrome is characterized by experiencing headaches and suffocation inside the workplace due to ineffective ventilation systems and not enough air. Plants reduce the symptoms of this syndrome by giving out the much needed oxygen while breathing in the carbon dioxide which is harmful for human beings.


They reduce noise

Plants, surprisingly, have noise absorption ability. The distraction that employees often experience due to the surrounding noise, from others talking or that of other equipment, can be reduced by up to five decibels. This ability of plants enables the employees to focus and concentrate well which affects their productivity in a positive manner.

They bring down mental tiredness

Something as simple as looking at greenery for a few minutes is known to help curtail and minimize the mental tiredness one feels after few hours into work. As such, having green plants inside the workplace can help a great deal in letting the employees refresh their minds on intervals. This also helps improve productivity.