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Stop overtrading to become a successful Forex trader

Overtrading is known as the biggest enemy of traders, you can’t achieve success by overtrading.

Naïve traders fall into the trap of overtrading, they assume that by overtrading they can make more money. But in reality, it’s not.

Overtrading can never help you to make more money. You should always place a trade by observing the market’s condition and by making sure that you are not overtrading.

If you want to stay in the long run, you should always avoid overtrading in the Forex market. In this article, you will find some points which will help you to understand why you should not overtrade.

Doing emotional trading

It is human nature to look for opportunities to become successful in any profession but many want to achieve success in a quick process and thus they fail.

You should always remember there is no quick skim to become successful, you should never allow your emotions to take the wrong steps. Many traders start overtrading in emotions as they think this will help them to make money fast.

But in the Forex market being emotional in the trades will always lead you to lose. So, never place a trade by being emotion and try to control your emotions in the trades.

The emotional approach always results in a big loss. If you want to stay safe like the expert traders in Singapore, you must learn to control your emotions. Managing your emotions is a very tough task. Unless you have extensive demo trading experience, you can’t expect to control your emotions.

Greed leads to overtrading

Being greedy is another reason traders start overtrading, they believe it will help them to make money. You should be aware of the consequences of overtrading because sooner or later by overtrading you will surely lose your trading account. 

Pro traders never overtrade in the market as they know what the outcome will be. So, always control your greed. Don’t overtrade in the market if you want to stay in it in the long run. The more you control your greed,the further you’ll be on the road to success.

Stop overtrading the market at any cost. Forex trading is all about precision. Developing a habit of high-frequency trade execution always results in a big loss. Educate yourself about the price action trading method and try to build your trading skills. Place your trades with a tight stop so that you don’t have to blow up the trading account.

How to stop overtrading

You need to maintain clear methods, try to stick to the methods of trading and you should also focus on your entry and exit point. If you can maintain your trading methods strictly then surely you will be able to stop overtrading.

You should not worry if you don’t find the good opportunities, sit back and look again to find the opportunity you are looking for. Always make sure you don’t jump in the overtrading as this will always lead you to fail.

If you feel like you are overtrading, take a short break. Even the pro traders at Saxo often take a break to refresh their minds. You should not trade like a robot.


It won’t be easy for you to avoid overtrading but if you want to stay in the long run you must avoid it. You can also maintain a trading routine in the market to find out whether you are overtrading or not.

With the help of a trading routine, you can also identify your trading mistakes so that you can rectify them for the next trades. You should always focus the above points on your trades so that you don’t fall in the trap of overtrading and can become a successful trader.