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Alphabet (GOOGL)

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Is Alphabet (GOOG) Recession Proof?

I consider Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOGL) recession resistant because itcan generate enormous amounts of cash.
For example, Alphabet had $133.97 billion in cash and short-term investments on 31 March 2022. The cash and short-term investments fell from $139.649 billion on 31 December 2021 and $135.104 billion on 31 March 2021.

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Goldman Sachs and the Decline of Wall Street

Goldman Sachs lost more than half of its net income between March 2015 and March 2016. The bank reported a net income of $9.288 billion in March 2015 that fell to $4.37 billion in March 2016. That’s a decline of $4.918 billion and it appears to be accelerating.

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