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An American Basic Income with Few Limits


How American Basic Income could Work

Obviously, the American Basic Income cannot redress all the wrongs of racism but it can address the income gaps between the races.

For instance, the average African American household earned $40,340 in 2017, the Peter G. Peterson foundation calculates. Conversely, the average household income in the United States was $61,372 in 2017. Furthermore, the average US white household income was $68,145 in 2017 and the average Hispanic income was $50,486.

An American Basic Income could redress the racial income inequality. For instance, a black family of four people could make $64,340 a year with a $500 a month basic income. Hence, the basic income for an African American family of four will exceed the 2017 median household income.

Distributing a Basic Income to everybody can redress the effects of historic racism without stirring up racial animus. Whites will have no objections to the basic income if they receive the same amount of money as everybody else.

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