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and Amazon Delivery

Grocery WarsOpportunities

Massive Tech Disruptions include 5G, Autonomous Vehicles, and Amazon Delivery

Five gigabyte (5G) Wi-Fi will be the next big disruption in tech. For example, up to 1.2 billion people worldwide could have 5G by 2025.

Widespread 5G could make the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), drone, and autonomous vehicle use widespread, Interesting Engineering theorizes. For instance, they might use 5G to operate autonomous cars and power drone delivery networks.
Significantly, Amazon delivery threatens grocers like Kroger (NYSE: KR) home improvement stores like Lowe’s (NYSE: LOW), GrubHub (NYSE: GRUB), small box discounters like Dollar General (NYSE: DG), and department stores like Macy’s (NYSE: M). To demonstrate, Amazon Flex could deliver laundry detergent, clothing, groceries, takeout meals, and home improvement materials like paint in the same van.

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