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Are Uber Drivers Employees?

Market Insanity

Judge Rules that Uber Drivers could sue for Employee Status

It looks as if Uber’s future is in the hands of the courts. That makes it even less of a cutting edge solution and more of a scam than we thought.

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Long Ideas

Uber Now Leasing Cars

This program could be a major profit center for Uber; in particular, it could generate a lot of float and provide Uber with a steady source of income, which it might need. Another reason for the program is to limit Uber’s liability and help it avoid insurance costs.

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The Death Spiral

Florida Declares Uber Driver Employee

Uber’s worst nightmare might have just come true in the Sunshine State. The Florida State Department of Economic Opportunity ruled that a former Uber driver named Darrin McGillis was an employee and not an “independent contractor.”

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