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Basic Attention Token


Basic Attention Token (BAT) is it the first successful Utility Token?

Despite its popularity, the Basic Attention Token is not a cryptocurrency. Instead, the BAT is an Ethereum Request for Comment (ERC20) utility token.

Hence, they design the BAT to facilitate transactions on an Ethereum blockchain platform. Specifically, the designers hope the BAT will power a marketplace for blockchain-based digital advertising.
Thus, the BAT is really an accounting and bookkeeping tool designed to enhance transparency and ensure accountability on a blockchain platform. Therefore, any monetary value BAT acquires is an unintended side effect of the primary mission.

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ICOs Banking on Advertising the Basic Attention Token and Adbank

The truly fascinating part of the Brave/Adbank story is that both organizations are trying to use the same technology; Ethereum smart contracts, to solve the same problem.

Two rival Ethereum-based blockchain solutions are betting that advertising profits can be translated into cryptocurrency cash.

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