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The Most Hyped Stock in America: Bank of Internet

If you are looking for an income stock that’s likely to be around a few years from now Chase, BoA, and Wells Fargo would be far better investments. It will be a miracle if Bank of Internet is around next year.

Those seeking a next-generation financial solution would be better served by PayPal Holdings (NASDAQ: PYPL). PayPal reported assets of $32.65 billion, $13.047 billion in cash and short-term investments, revenues of $3.744 billion, a net income of $620 million, and a gross profit of $2.072 million for 4th Quarter 2017.

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Market Insanity

Some Ugly Truths BOFI Fans Do Not Want to Hear

The reality is you are getting a 2005-style jumbo mortgage lender (with other odd high risk loans) funded primarily by high cost brokered deposit.”

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