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Canadian National


Can Canadian National profit from Freight Gridlock?

The Canadian National (CNI) could benefit from freight diversions because its rail lines serve alternative ports. For example, the CN runs to Prince Rupert and Vancouver, British Columbia, and to New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Mobile.

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Market Insanity

Is Canadian Pacific the Most Overvalued Railroad?

Even with its lower price Canadian National is a very good stock. It is scheduled to reward investors with a dividend of 30.4¢ on June 7, 2017. That’s down slightly from 30.7¢ on March 8, but up from 28.2¢ on December 7, 2016. So Bill Gates is also a pretty good dividend picker as well as a value investor.

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The Railroad Everybody Forgets About: Kansas City Southern

The assets are the connections to the port of Lazaro Cardenas on the Pacific and the track that connects it to Kansas City. The Kansas City Southern has a direct connection between those ports and America’s heartland.

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Long Ideas

What would a Hyperloop Economy look like?

One result of a hyperloop would be a sort of economic boom in areas with lots of cheap housing that is in fairly close proximity to expensive urban areas. Another would be a fall in housing prices in areas where there are currently shortages that lead to high priced housing.

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