Centrism is Dead Get Used to It

Hillary killed centrism by running as a moderate and losing to a terrible candidate; Donald J. Trump (R-New York) a mushy centrist masquerading as a populist or conservative depending on which audience he was speaking to. Trump won by pandering to the Right and ignoring the Center and the Left.

Ultimately, Hillary failed because her people lacked the passion to get out and vote. Trump figured out how to mobilize portions of the population with a lot of passion.

Hillary did not lose because the Left lacks passion; she was defeated for failing to tap into the passion on the Left. One of Clinton’s greatest mistakes was to let U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) emerge as the passionate crusader candidate. This drew support away from her and to Sanders.

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What Can Cameron’s Victory Tell Us about the Next US Presidential Race?

Centrism is dead. Despite all the talk of the need for political moderation and compromise in politics, the middle lost big in Britain. The moderate Liberal Democrats lost most of their seats in the election.

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