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In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule. Friedrich Nietzsche

Climate-Change denial


The Coming Climate Change Denial Witch Hunt

The Communism deniers; like the Climate Change deniers, succeeded because the reality they were trying to whitewash was too unsettling. No 20th Century intellectual wanted to admit that his ideas were inspiring atrocities. Few modern Americans want to admit their lifestyles are harming the planet.

Given this history Climate Change Denial is likely to generate a greater and more destructive witch hunt than Communism Denial.

The Climate Change McCarthy will remind voters that Republicans, big business, the conservative media, and promoted Climate Change denial.

Leftist intellectuals seeking payback for decades of conservative abuse are likely to lead the witch hunt.

All it will take to launch that witch hunt are a few more climate-linked catastrophes; such as the California fires, and a McCarthy type demagogue (any politician that needs to distract voters from a scandal) with a Twitter account.

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Fire Victims Need to ask where is Trump?

History proves that Trump has embarked upon a dangerous course of inaction. With his inaction on Climate Change, the Donald might be sowing the seeds of his own destruction and killing his party’s electoral chances.

The fires make Trump’s agenda of Climate-Change denial and fossil-fuel promotion look dangerously close to treason.

To make matters worse, Democrats can easily charge that Trump values big money campaign donors; such as the Koch Brothers, more than average Americans.

A fatal outcome for the GOP would be Republicans deciding their voters do not count and not going to the polls. Trump is sending the destructive message that the President; and by inference the GOP itself, only cares about Republicans in Red States. Disturbingly, Trump might be suppressing his own party’s votes with his behavior.

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