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Long Ideas

Is First Data Corp Making Money?

Working with First Data makes Ant a major player in U.S. mobile wallets because Clover’s retail footprint is almost as big as that of Apple Pay. Apple Pay is accepted by around 4.5 million U.S. merchants.

Alipay also gets access to all of Ant’s resources. Ant is one of the world’s most valuable unicorns (pre-IPO companies) some analysts have estimated its value at $75 billion. Alipay alone has an estimated value of $50 billion according to CSLA Hong Kong Analyst Elinor Leung.

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Alipay Comes to America

Tim Cook’s worst nightmare then would be Walmart accepting Alipay but saying no to Apple Pay.

That would be a real coup for Ant because Walmart operates 4,672 stores in the United States; including 3,522 supercenters and 660 Sam’s Clubs. It might also force Apple and Alphabet to add QR code to their mobile wallets.

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