Fusion Company claims to have $1.8 billion in funding

If the press release is accurate, Commonwealth could have more private financing than the rest of the private fusion industry. The Fusion Industry Association estimates all fusion companies received $1.7 billion in investments before October 2021.

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MIT and Company achieve Major Fusion Milestone

Developing and building the electromagnet removes the greatest technological hurdle to completing Commonwealth’s SPARC fusion reactor. The SPARC is the fusion reactor Commonwealth’s executives claim they can build by 2025.

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Hot Nuclear Fusion developers bag $267 million in investment

 I cannot imagine billionaires such as Gates, Ma, and Bezos investing in fusion if they did not think they could make money from it.

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Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Jack Ma investing in Hot Fusion Company

To explain, Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) appears on a list of companies Gates’ hedge fund Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV) is investing in, Quartz reveals. Importantly, Commonwealth claims it can commercialize hot nuclear fusion within 15 years.

The first goal at CFS is to build a tokamak fusion reactor capable of generating 100 Megawatts (MW) of electricity, a press release reveals. In detail, 100 MW is enough juice to power a city of 100,000 people or the size of Boulder, Colorado.

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Exxon-Mobil and Suncor sued for marketing Fossil Fuels

Exxon-Mobil and Suncor should do the same and offer to drop the lawsuit in exchange for investment in Commonwealth Fusion Systems or one of its competitors such as Tri-Alpha Technologies. Exxon-Mobil which had $3.177 billion cash and short-term investments on 31 December 2017 can easily afford to invest several hundred million dollars in fusion research.

If the City of Boulder and Boulder County are serious about fighting climate change they can agree to be the site of the first commercial fusion reactor. Commonwealth’s proposed test reactor would generate more than enough electricity to power Boulder; which has a population of around 108,090, and a city government dedicated to buying “carbon-free electricity.”

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Eni Executive Hot Fusion Reactor would Cost $3 Billion

The reactor would power around 150,000 homes; or a city about the size of Norwich, England. This estimate is based on the standard calculation that a megawatt is enough electricity for 750 homes.
A megawatt is one million watts of electricity, so the reactor would generate 200 million watts of electricity. That reactor would have the capacity to generate electricity as soon as it was up and running.

“After the transition to renewable energy, the real breakthrough technologically is nuclear fusion,” Robert Casula told Reuters. Casula thinks it would cost $3 billion to develop and build a 200-megawatt fusion reactor and it might be up and running by 2033.

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MIT starts Commercializing Hot Fusion

“Researchers at MIT have designed a way to use high-temperature superconductors to produce powerful magnetic fields that provide superior confinement of the hot plasma — enabling a net energy fusion device at much smaller scale than did previous experiments,” MIT Vice President for Research Maria T. Zuber wrote in The Boston Globe.
Commonwealth Fusion Systems was founded by former MIT students and researchers that want to commercialize hot fusion. Commonwealth has also received some money from unidentified “U.S. Investment Funds,” Zuber claimed.

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