Mana a Cryptocurrency Rooted in Virtual Reality

A long term goal is to create a functioning virtual economy at Decentraland. The hope is that real people will exchange real money for Mana in order to participate in the virtual economy.

The virtual economy will generate revenue by creating markets for apps, content, content curation, advertising, digital collectibles, social media, and other products. It might sound incredible now but people are paying big money on such things already.

An anonymous person told The Sun he spent £15,000 ($19,845) on Game of Thrones Conquest. The money reportedly came from his wedding fund, the game addiction, not surprisingly ruined the man’s wedding plans.

The potential market for games is huge, Fortnite was grossing $1.92 million a day on iPhone apps in the United States in April 2018, Statista calculated. That was one game on one phone operating system in one country.

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