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Cosplayer converts service tokens into personal coins through smart-contracts


How Cosplay is Getting Tokenized by Cure World

The idea is to create an ecosystem where a cryptocurrency (COT token) can be used to purchase paid content. The most active and popular members of Cure World Cosplay will get a chance to issue their own coins linked to the main Cure token and earn money selling their content. Cosplayer converts service tokens into personal coins through smart-contracts. The cost of content and services cosplayer defines himself. Other users will be able to buy this currency also with smart-contracts COT.

Only 145 people attended the first-ever Comic Con in 1970. Ten years later, the number grew to 6000 – and then to hundreds of thousands. Comic Con International was followed by other large-scale events: Electronic Entertainment Expo in LA, Gamescom in Cologne, and many more. Eventually it became common to organize highly specialized, niche events dedicated to a certain product or publisher.

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