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Dollar Tree and Dollar General

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Will Big Lots Survive?

One thing is for certain, Big Lots was definitely overvalued at the $49.16 a share it was fetching on March 30, 2017. Nothing in its earnings report or holdings warrants that. Not even the 25¢ dividend which shareholders received on March 15, 2017. Stay away from Big Lots, it is overpriced and exposed to dangerous competitors that will soon destroy its business.

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Dollar Tree and Family Dollar One Year Later: How are they doing?

Incomes for Dollar Tree’s target market, the lower class, fell even more. Pew reported that the average lower class household made $26,496 a year in 2000 and $24,074 in 2014. That is a $2,422 drop in income, meaning that the average lower-class household’s income has fallen by 10% in 15 years.

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