Horizon.NGO plans Decentralized Basic Income Services

Question: “How exactly does Horizon.NGO provide a basic income?”
Von Heinrichshorst: “Once Horizon’s financial reserve is big enough to guarantee all token holders a valuable payout for at least one year, we will start distributing the first Horizon basic income tokens.”
“The financial reserve will be fueled by strategic partnerships and sister projects. Over time, more basic income tokens will be distributed and the value of each token will increase.”

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Ethereum Basic Income Planned

An obvious hope here is to eliminate the layers of bureaucracy and middlemen that plague traditional charity. Almost everybody has heard the horror stories about professional charity administrators drawing huge salaries and living lavish lifestyles while little or no money reaches the poor.

The idea behind Basic Income Tokens like those that Horizon.NGO is planning to create a conduit that moves money straight from donors to recipients. The system is similar to the donations that GiveDirectly has been testing in Kenya and elsewhere for some time.

Unlike traditional aid organizations, GiveDirectly simply sends money to people in certain locations via the M-Pesa payment app. The thinking behind GiveDirectly is that most people are smart enough to run their own lives without direction from an aid bureaucrat.

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