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Good Stocks

Is Bank of New York Mellon the best Value in FinTech?

Bank of New York Mellon is not just a bank with offices in Manhattan it is a FinTech play. BNY Mellon is one of four major banks developing the Utility Settlement Coin or USC, with the technology companies Icap and Clearmatics, Crowdfund Insider reported.

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Long Ideas

JPMorgan Chase Growing with FinTech

Major retailers prefer Chase Pay because the technology it uses to connect with cash registers QR (quick read) scanning maybe more secure than Apple Pay’s NFC (near-field communications). Chase Pay also limits retailers’ liability because the transaction takes place in Chase’s system rather than the retailer’s. Apple Pay directly accesses the store’s systems, which is one reason why companies like Walmart are so leery of it.

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Market Wisdom

Capital One Consumer Finance Comes Back or Does It?

Another lesson we can infer here is the big growth in online banking is going to established players like Capital One, and not to upstarts such as Bank of Internet (NASDAQ: BOFI). That makes Capital One a good growth stock in financial services and fintech, but is it a good investment?

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Lendio Raises $20 Million in Growth Capital Led by Comcast Ventures and Stereo Capital

Funding Will Fuel Significant Marketing and Sales Growth to Expand Lending Options to Small Businesses

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