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The Mysterious USDK (USDK) Stablecoin

There is a mystery about the USDK (USDK) stablecoin. USDK was CoinMarketCap’s 514th ranked cryptocurrency on 1 June 2023.   Yet, I can

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Can Gamium (GMM) Make Money from the Metaverse?

So what is Gamium and is the attention this crypto is receiving deserved? They call Gamium a Web 3 and Metaverse company that will build a metaverse connecting all other metaverses. In other words, a multi-metaverse.

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What Value Does MetaNFT (MNFT) have?

Instead, MetaNFT is Russian NFT Marketplace that was called MetalNFT. I imagine Heavy Metal fans built MetalNFT. However, they changed the name to MetaNFT to cash in on Zuckerberg’s dumb move.

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Why Republicans support the Wall

There is a simple reason why Republicans support the Wall; they want to be tough on immigration without bashing immigrants. Although

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