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Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ)

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Will Merck & Co. (NYSE: MRK) make money with Vaccines?

Merck (MRK) will manufacture the controversial Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) single-shot vaccine, U.S. President Joe Biden (D-Delaware) announced on 3 March 2021. Biden hopes Merck and J&J could manufacture enough vaccine for every adult in the United States by May 2021.
The contract could be lucrative because there were 255.2 million adults in the United States in 2019. However, the Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) vaccine is controversial because it is weaker.

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Can Johnson & Johnson make money with vaccines?

The J&J vaccine is more stable because they made it with the proven adenovirus technique. An adenovirus vaccine is a harmless cold virus that carries a coronavirus gene into human cells.

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What’s wrong with ESG Investing?

However, many ESG funds and recommendations contain companies that engage in unethical practices. For example, the Xtrackers MSCI USA ESG Leaders Equity (USSG) ETF contains Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) and the Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS).

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Is Johnson & Johnson making Money?

Hence, Johnson & Johnson has a growing market for many of its products. Additionally, the government will pick up many of its customers’ tabs. Thus, I think J&J could be a cash-rich company and a growth stock for decades to come.

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