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Obamacare 2.0


Americans beware Obamacare is not dead

Medicare Extra sounds like a terrible deal for middle-class families. It would charge them higher premiums and deductibles for less health insurance.
Some Americans might end up paying higher premiums for less coverage under Medicare Extra. Worse, they would be forced to pay those premiums because the employer would be in a position to simply cancel its policy and enroll its employees in Medicare Extra. The program sounds like a great deal for companies trying to reduce healthcare costs and a horrible deal for families that need healthcare.
Many people could see their coverage reduced under Medicare Extra because any employer would be able to participate in the scheme instead of offering its own health insurance.

The problem with that claim is CAP’s proposal is neither single payer nor for all. Instead, it simply extends the Obamacare system and provides no means of controlling costs. Worse, it would pass those out of control costs onto working Americans and drive many of them into debt.

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